Looking to start creating effective forms? Maybe your current form builder is underdelivering and overcharging?

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Join us for today’s read on the best form builder for your needs: what is it, what should it have, where to find it + what are some good ones?

All of that is in this article.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

What is a form builder?

Form builders are used to create online forms and surveys. They can be designed to collect information from customers or even as an online registration form. 

Form builders are usually created in such a way that they will easily integrate with most website templates and themes. Thus, it shouldn’t be too difficult to add them into your current site design.

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What should the best form builder have?

When looking for the best form builder available on the market, there’s a number of factors you should pay attention to. Find out what they are now.

Your perfect form builder should have or give you:

✔️ A drag and drop form editor

This will make it easy and quick for you to build the forms.

✔️ The ability to customize the design of the form

Incorporating your own branding to your forms can add a lot to your forms. For this reason, it’s important your form builder has this feature

✔️ Easy integration with other applications and embedding

When building forms, you might want or even need to integrate them with various tools, e.g. Zapier or Shopify. To make this process stress-free, be sure your form app can do it easily before committing to a solution.

✔️ An user-friendly interface

If you’re busy like us, or simply want things done quickly, take the time to find out if your potential tool is simple to work with. You can do it by reading reviews or testing a tool during a trial period.

✔️ Analytics and reporting features

A good form solution should provide you with a heap of reporting and analytics features. After all, what would be the point of sending out forms if you can’t analyze the results?

✔️ Reasonable pricing

With the variety of form builders available on the market, be careful not to pick overly cheap or overly expensive solutions. Those usually don’t perform well and will only drain your bank account. Do some research beforehand and compare pricing.

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Where to look for the best form builder? 

Now that you know what your perfect tool for creating quizzes should have, let’s go over where you could possibly find it:

Q&A forums🧐 

Popular question and answer platforms like Quora are pretty effective sources of reliable and marketing-free tool recommendations.

If you are researching different options, we strongly suggest using them. All you need to do is search for a given phrase, e.g. best form builder, and see what others are saying.


Blogs 🧐

In addition to places like Quora, there are other excellent places with knowledge and advice: blogs

When you’re ready to find the best form builder, don’t forget to check back to this post for our recommendations and top picks.


Business partners & friends 🧐

Additionally, remember that you may also get valuable insights into your problem together with excellent tool recommendations from your business partners and friends. 

Don’t be afraid to try this route. Sometimes it can turn out to be the fastest and most beneficial one.

Competitors 🧐

Finally, If you have a specific competitor that has great-looking forms on their website, do look into them!

Investigating your competitor’s activity and seeing what tools they’re using can help you choose your own form builder.

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+10 Best Form Builders For You

The following are our top recommendations if you’re looking for form builders for your business.

Keep in mind that the below list is our subjective toolkit containing better and worse solutions. 

Ultimately, the tool you should pick will depend completely on factors like your budget, needs and personal feelings.

#1 YouEngage

Our number #1 recommendation is our form building tool YouEngage.

It’s a simple yet professional-looking form maker (and more). 

Anyone looking to create engaging and interactive online experiences (not just forms, but also quizzes, polls and more), should give this tool a chance.

It’s perfect for all types of mechanics, including forms, surveys, assessments, calculators, polls and counting. 

YouEngage lets you design powerful forms, both live and asynchronously. In a nutshell, it has everything you’d need to satisfy your needs (and even more). 

create a menti alternatives
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Free plan?  Yes

Trial? Yes

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • a variety of pricing plans are available to suit any budget
  • more than forms (calculators, assessments, polls, surveys)
  • rich templates or blank quizzes to create from scratch
  • rich in features to boost your sales
  • synchronous and asynchronous 

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • many interesting templates can make it challenging to pick one for a form
  • previously: no option to send follow-up emails to form respondents

#2 Microsoft Forms 

Another tool you can use to create forms is Microsoft’s Forms. This tool is rather for those looking for a quick, effortless and cheap way to make forms for their audiences.

Microsoft Forms offers basic features and pretty stable functionality. If you don’t have any unique needs, it may be a good pick for you.

Free plan? Yes

Trial? No

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • templates available
  • quizzes possible to make as well
  • free solution
  • relatively easy user interface

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • limited features
  • 200 000 character limit for responses
  • offline limitations: it’s web based and requires stable Internet connection

#3 Ninja Forms

Next up we have Ninja Forms – a form builder app for the WordPress content management platform. With over 30.000.000 downloads of this tool, it’s fair to say it has a pretty big user base. 

Subscribers use it to register people for events and collect valuable feedback, among many other use cases. With their team accounting for over 15 members, it looks like a pretty decent and stable form app.

Free plan? No

Trial? No

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • best for WordPress forms
  • decent variety of templates available
  • premium support with all plans
  • unlimited form, submissions and emails with all plans

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • add-ons cost additional money
  • pretty pricey solution, starting from $99 per year
  • no free trial available

#4 Formstack

Using Formstack, businesses can create digital workflows involving forms, documents, and signatures with no-code. 

This workplace productivity platform was created by Ade Olonoh in 2006 and caters to the needs of more than 25,000 organizations worldwide today.

Free plan? No

Trial? Yes

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • lots of integrations to choose from, like Stripe, Mailchimp and Drip
  • solution suitable for multiple industries, roles and use cases
  • insightful resources to take advantage of
  • more than forms (also documents and signatures)

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • prices start at $59 per month for forms alone
  • no live chat customer support
  • lack of training, which makes onboarding and implementation challenging

#5 JotForm

JotForm is a California-based solution designed for creating online forms. In addition to forms, users can also use it to design surveys and reports of various sorts.

Free plan? Yes

Trial? No

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • reasonable pricing
  • good variety of templates
  • over 150 integrations
  • user guides, blogs, videos and FAQ available

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • only 5 forms with the free plan
  • no free trial available
  • not too intuitive UI

#6 Formidable Forms

Moving forward, another recommendation we have for you is Formidable Forms.

With Formidable Forms, you can create a variety of forms (also quizzes, surveys, contact forms, payment forms, etc.) without any technical knowledge. Templates are ready-to-use and work with drag-and-drop.

What’s worth nothing though, this is a WordPress plug in, so the use cases are rather limited for this tool.

Free plan? No

Trial? No

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • 175+ templates with the most premium plan
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • good for WordPress users
  • more than forms (surveys, payments, calculators and more)

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • quite pricey solution
  • only for WordPress users
  • sometimes buggy with new add-ons

#7 Wufoo

Under number #7 on our list we have Wufoo – an online form builder for creating forms to embed on websites. It has a cloud storage database and you can use it to collect data, payments and automate any workflows. 

Free plan? Yes

Trial? No

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • 100% SSL secure
  • customer support available
  • custom responses possible to make
  • over 400 ready templates to use

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • very limited features in the free plan
  • lack of embedded analytics and poor reporting features
  • customer support only via email

#8 Typeform

Moving forward with our recommendations, next up we have Typeform – a popular solution for gathering feedback and generating leads.

With plans starting from 25 euros per month, it’s a pretty stable solution with easy to operate features.

Free plan? Yes

Trial? No

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • wide range of available integrations
  • helpful resources to take advantage of, like guides, support and blog
  • 4 different pricing plans to choose from
  • multiple templates ready to use

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • common glitches and bugs
  • used to be freemium, so possible price increases in the future
  • quite costly for users with small needs

#9 Paperform

Another tool you might consider using is Paperform: “an online form builder like no other”. 

This solution combines “serious digital smarts with beautiful design to create endless possibilities”.

Is it true though? You can only find out by trying it for free, or signing up for one of the 3 subscription plans.

Free plan? No

Trial? Yes

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • user-friendly UI
  • many templates to choose from
  • +2000 integrations
  • many use cases, such as events, booking, onboarding, calculations, payments

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • occasional software bugs and lagging
  • just 3 subscription plans to choose from
  • not much variety in form settings

#10 Gravity Forms

If you’re in need of a tool that will integrate with WordPress, Gravity Forms is your way to go. 

The application can be used to create custom web forms for capturing leads, collecting payments, automating workflows, and building your online business.

Some of its highlights include a drag-and-drop kind of a builder, column layouts and secure data collection.

Free plan? No

Trial? No

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • drag and drop editor
  • various add-ons to choose from
  • demo version available
  • video tutorials and user guidelines available

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • not much variety in plans
  • some add-ons not available with cheaper plans
  • no free trial available

#11 Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms is a free form creator that also gives users the possibility to scale at additional costs. Currently it offers 4 different subscription plans, ranging from $0 to $99 per month. 

Using Cognito Forms, it’s simple to collect and manage data, automate your workflows. All of that while maintaining a high level of security, even when you integrate the solution with other tools.

Free plan? Yes

Trial? Yes

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • trial available
  • supportive customer help team
  • helpful resources: blog, guides, best practices and customer stories
  • templates available for various purposes

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • slightly non intuitive user interface
  • limited native features
  • competitive pricing

#12 Formsite

In case none of the options above tickle your fancy, we have another recommendation for you.

It’s Formsite – an online form and survey builder with drag-and-drop features.

With over 100 templates to choose from, this tool makes it hassle-free to quickly design forms. On the bad side though, there seems to be some issues with the saving feature. Thus, be careful not to lose your progress if you decide to go for this software.

Free plan? No

Trial? Yes

👍Reasons to get it👍

  • 5 different pricing plans to choose from
  • more than just forms (surveys, calculators)
  • rich analytics features
  • +5000 integrations

👎Reasons NOT to get it👎

  • confusing layout
  • “save and return” feature only for single forms
  • customization limitations

YouEngage as your #1 choice

Having looked at all of the solutions above, we come to the conclusion that there’s only 1 leader. 

And, of course, it’s YouEngage

There’s a number of aspects that make it much more powerful compared to other solutions, and these are just some of them:

YouEngage solutionOther solutions
🟢 use on your website, on a landing page, in email newsletters 
🟢 use during live classes with students, live meetings with employees,  live events 
🟢 choose from a variety of pricing plans
🟢 more than forms (quizzes, surveys, polls, calculators, assessments etc.)
🟢 both rich templates and blank sheets to create from scratch
🟢 affordable pricing with a free version available
🟢 simple interface, easy to navigate drag-and-drop builder
🟢 stellar customer support team
🟢 easy implementation and embedding
🟢 14-day free trial
🟢 many customization options available
🟢 use on your website, a landing page, in email newsletters
🔴 use during live classes with students, live meetings with employees,  live events 
🔴 choose from a variety of pricing plans
🔴 more than forms (quizzes, surveys, polls, calculators, assessments etc.)
🔴 both rich templates and blank sheets to create from scratch
🔴 affordable pricing with a free version available
🔴 simple interface, easy to navigate drag-and-drop builder
🔴 stellar customer support team
🔴 easy implementation and embedding
🔴 14-day free trial
🔴 many customization options available

So if these arguments convince you to give YouEngage a try – do it now & you definitely won’t regret it.


And… cut! 

Thanks so much for coming to read our post on the best form builders and how to find them. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

In case you’re still torn between options – we invite you to give YouEngage a try:  it’s free and it’s an excellent choice!

We’re excited to see how you like it. So don’t hesitate and reach out to us today, or simply sign up for a free trial here.

Other than that, best of luck with creating your forms and we hope to see you on our blog again.

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