Are you looking to become a subscriber of Octane AI? Maybe you’re just on a hunt for a reliable quiz and survey tool for your needs?

If Octane AI’s tool is one of the possibilities you’re considering, hold on for just a little longer. We’ve prepared this article so you don’t have to spend multiple hours researching it.

So sit back and enjoy this short but insightful read. You’re about to get richer in knowledge, time and possibly a new, better tool!

What is Octane AI?

Octane AI is a solution made for creating various shoppable quizzes and surveys. Founded in 2016 in San Francisco, California, the tool is valued between $50 and $100 million

Octane AI’s subscribers can create quizzes and surveys using templates or completely from scratch. Among users are brands like Natural Farm, Nude Barre and Polysleep.

Who is Octane AI for?

Octane AI caters to various needs of people and brands from a broad range of backgrounds, mostly in E-commerce. Example include:

  • WEN by Chaz Dean,
  • Buckle Me Baby Coats,
  • Jones Road,
  • Tako Agency,
  • Cake,
  • Ellie & Mac,
  • NatureWise, and
  • Curlsmith.

But who are the people from all these companies that decide to use Octane AI? 

Well, most of the time, those are marketing agency CEOs, marketing directors, digital marketing leaders, designers, founders and ecommerce directors.

Octane AI: features

There are a few things that make Octane AI unique and that are worth taking a look at.

✔️ Various quizzes

First of all, this tool offers their subscribers a quite interesting range of different quiz types. As a user, you can expect to take advantage of quizzes for product recommendation, color matching, fit style finder and more.

What’s more, there’s also a few opt-ins and pop-ups available to create. For instance, your Octane AI pop-ups can feature your quizzes and even collect SMS and email opt-ins.

✔️ Integrations

Moving forward, it appears that Octane AI gives its users the benefit of accessing a few potentially useful integrations. It’s integrated with the following tools and solutions: 

  • Klaviyo: an ecommerce marketing automation platform for email marketing and SMS,
  • Zapier: workflow automation software,
  • Recharge: subscription payment platform,
  • Alloy: IT management solution.

It’s good these integrations are there, no doubt.

✔️ Resources

Lastly, a good tool is one that can help and educate its users about the use cases and possible features. In a nutshell, Octane AI does exactly that. 

Not only subscribers, but also non-users of this tool can take advantage of various educational and insightful content, for example:

  • case studies: learn how Octane AI is used in different niches,
  • partner program: collaboration program with a revenue share, global VIP customer support team available, co-marketing opportunities and more.
  • blog: section with articles on multiple topics,
  • customer stories
  • FAQ,
  • help center,
  • playbook and more.

This is quite some resources for both users and regular website visitors looking for some tips and tricks. Shout out to the Octane AI team for providing these.

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Octane AI: pricing

With all these features, integrations and resources offered by Octane AI developers comes also the pricing. 

The way that this tool is priced is quite unique. Let’s see why.


In general, Octane AI has 2 different pricing plans: Octane and Octane Plus. But how much you’re going to have to pay for them will heavily depend on your… annual revenue in American dollars. Take a look at what it looks like:

annual revenue in American dollarsOctaneOctane Plus
<$1 million$200/month$500/month
$1-5 million$200/month$500/month
$5-10 million$500/month$750/month
$10-15 million$750/month$1000/month
$15-20 million$1000/month$1500/month
$20+ millioncustom pricingcustom pricing

This is a pretty interesting pricing strategy and definitely a memorable one.

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Octane AI: pros and cons

After looking into this tool for quite some time, as well as testing it out for some time, we come with our own list of pros and cons. Take a look at what they are so you can decide if this is a solution for your needs:


😊 The platform offers insightful and educational content to users and non-users, such as blog posts, guides and playbooks.

😊 There’s a decent variety of analytics features available. Examples include engagement data, answer selection, drop-off rate per question, conversion rates, views and revenues.

😊 It’s possible to integrate this software with other tools.


😔 Currently, there is no API available.

😔 It isn’t built for teamwork. If you plan to use Octane AI as a team, it may be challenging due to a lack of collaborative features.

😔 Octane AI is pretty limited to Shopify users. As a result, it poses some challenges to users of other large ecommerce platforms such as SAP Spartacus.

😔  It’s relatively challenging to set up and takes time to figure out. As a result, newbies in software like this can find it hard to use.

😔 The quiz builder doesn’t have a wide range of functionalities around conditionals, which makes it slightly limited compared to alternatives.

More Octane AI reviews: Capterra, G2.

Better Octane for your needs:

Looking at the above pros and cons, it’s obvious there’s more negative than positive sides to Octane. 

Because of that, we highly suggest that you try an Octane alternative: YouEngage.

YouEngage is your solution to engage your users every step of the way through the use of:

  • surveys, 
  • quizzes,
  • polls
  • forms,
  • calculators,
  • and more.

It is the #1 software for creating interactive experiences that really convert.

But why exactly should you choose it over Octane AI? Keep reading to find out.

octane ai replacement

What makes YouEngage better than Octane AI? 7 reasons

All in all, there are a series of factors that make YouEngage far more powerful than Octane AI. Let’s look at them now:

💪 Pricing: unlike Octane AI, YouEngage offers a forever free plan. What’s more, your subscription fee doesn’t depend on your revenue, but on your needs. This means you don’t have to pay more for a tool just because your revenue is higher. Lastly, YouEngage is simply much cheaper than the other tool.

💪 Integrations: While Octane AI offers just 4 integrations, YouEngage already has 9 of them and counting, including: Airtable, Zapier, Intercom, Slack and Mailchimp (not to mention many other tools like Airtable via Zapier).

💪 Tools: YouEngage isn’t only about quizzes and surveys. In addition, you can also create various calculators, assessments, forms, live engagement tools and more.

💪 Use cases: while Octane AI is a relatively effective tool for Shopify Ecommerce professionals, YouEngage offers that and more. To be precise, it’s ideal for independent marketers of all niches, publishers and media, and whole marketing agencies.

💪 Implementation: multiple Octane AI reviews mention the user interface and implementation process as challenging aspects of the tool. With YouEngage, you don’t have to worry about any of this. The whole user onboarding process is as easy as ABC.

💪 Collaboration: once again, the users of Octane AI complain about poor collaboration features, and even a lack of them. In contrast, YouEngage provides excellent teamwork functionalities. All thanks to integrations with tools like Slack, Airtable and more.

💪 Asynchronous vs synchronous: Octane AI is a tool for creating just regular, standalone quizzes and surveys to embed in various places. In other words, you don’t get a chance to engage your audiences and customers. On the other hand, YouEngage mixes together both worlds: live & now + standalone. This way, you only need one solution for your live and non-live quizzes and surveys.

So if the idea of YouEngage appeals to you more, be sure to give our tool a try. We’re excited to show you a completely new way of creating quizzes and more.

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And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this short and concise, but also insightful review of the Octane AI software.

From the first impression, this tool seems to be pretty solid. However, some of the underlying disadvantages make it perform much worse compared to tools like YouEngage for example.

While you’re welcome to give Octane AI a try, we suggest that you choose a reliable solution right from the start: YouEngage.

Many thanks for checking our blog out and do come back for future pieces. Until next time!

P.S. If you have any questions about YouEngage or you’d like to book a trial, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Octane AI FAQ

As a bonus, below you’ll find some of the most popular questions about this software, together with answers to them. Enjoy!

What is Octane AI?

Octane is a solution made for creating various shoppable quizzes and surveys. Founded in 2016 in San Francisco, California, the tool is valued between $50 and $100 million. Octane AI’s subscribers can create quizzes and surveys using templates or completely from scratch. Among users are brands like Natural Farm, Nude Barre and Polysleep.

Who is Octane AI for?

Octane has a large user base, there is no doubt about it. Among subscribers, there are people like marketing agency CEOs, marketing directors, designers, founders and ecommerce directors.

What are Octane AI’s top features?

Looking at Octane AI’s top features, there are 3 of them. Those are: various quizzes (including pop-ups and opt-ins), 4 available integrations and also resources like playbooks, blog and case studies.

What is Octane AI’s pricing?

Octane AI offers 2 different pricing plans: Octane and Octane Plus. The exact price per month depends on your annual revenue in American dollars. In general, prices start from $50 per month.

Other commonly asked questions about Octane AI: Can you integrate Octane with Facebok Messenger? Can you create engaging quizzes with Octane? How to improve the customer experience with Octane AI? Is Octane a zero-party data marketing platform? Is there an all-in-one platform for quizzes that’s better than Octane? How to improve my customer journey with YouEngage? Can you create chatbots for SMS marketing with Octane? How to create an ecommerce quiz with YouEngage? What does a dream quiz look like? Which tool is better for creating unlimited quizzes: Octane AI or YouEngage? What’s a good promotional message to put in quizzes? 

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