Pupils can often be bored with the course of the lesson and, as a result, remember little of it. Teachers go to great lengths to ensure that their classes produce measurable results, but often to do so. How to solve this problem? Perhaps matching games and quizzes will prove helpful! Such educational attractions are important and come with many benefits. In today’s article, we’ll tell you more about them, explain what Quizlet Live is, and introduce you to another solution that will engage your students even better. 

Let’s get started!

What is Quizlet Live?

Quizlet Live is a feature provided by Quizlet company.

Using this intuitive tool, students and teachers can create interactive glossaries in a matter of minutes, and any smart device can access it. The platform works straightforwardly and is easy to use. It turns dictionaries into flashcards, spelling tests, auto-mark tests, and word sorts with the click of a button. It’s like filling out quizzes, but here it’s more about learning words and matching them to definitions. 

However, Quizlet went a step further and made Quizlet Live. This feature is also easy to use. You can choose this option to turn your glossary into a collaborative learning game in real or online classes. Thanks to it, children work together to match terms and definitions in a vocabulary list. 

Therefore, Quizlet Live can give you, for example, a collaborative vocabulary learning game designed to engage students in learning and boost their performance. As long as pupils play the quizzes, instructors can access data on their performance in real-time. They can see what to improve and what is already understood.

However, if you want access to premium features, you need to invest in a higher plan.

As you can see, such pre-created games can be used for various educational purposes, including practice study materials.

But before we go deep into how Quizlet Live works, we need to determine why using such tools and exercises is beneficial to teaching.

Are Such Games Helpful?

Let’s be honest: these exercises are very helpful for learning. 

They introduce a certain element of novelty, and curiosity, capture attention and are associated with many advantages, which we will tell you about in a second. These exciting games may seem like pointless distractions and a waste of time, but nothing could be further from the truth! What’s more, they may be the ones that will keep your student’s attention in class for more than a few minutes. 

Such collaborative classroom games have great potential to improve learning. This simple way of testing knowledge encourages students to learn and systematically acquire knowledge using their mobile devices. At the same time, teachers are given convenient online tools to work on in the classroom. Typically, educators try to instill a love of acquiring knowledge, but many learners are only focused on memorizing what will be on the test. 

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But that can be changed just with these learning tools. 

Through the regular use of this type of activity, a teacher can draw students’ attention to the whole material by mobilizing them to increase their attention during the lesson. Moreover, they can introduce healthy competition or simply fun by grouping students into custom teams. This will ensure that pupils not only learn the material but also do it with fun and enjoyment!

On the market, there are many platforms for creating such online tests. Software that offers these tools for game-based learning gives you a lot of options. For example, you can set up the following: 

πŸ’« teams mode,

πŸ’« student names,

πŸ’« target language,

πŸ’« configure student accounts,

πŸ’« let users add themselves thanks to class code,

πŸ’« etc.

Benefits of Using Games in Education

So these educational attractions can be a cool experience for students and educators alike. The following benefits only confirm this.

#1 They are Fun and Make Children More Enthusiastic about Learning

Some children are not enthusiastic about learning and need to be persuaded to do so, for example, through play, because who said that education couldn’t be fun? These class games don’t take much effort to make them enjoyable. What’s more, often, the main reason these exercises are used is that they are a simple way to make learning interesting. So, bet on a little game show fun!

In addition, giving correct answers and winning makes pupils feel good and eager to play again. And the more often they play, the more they will learn. Introducing such regular quizzes is an interlude in a lesson that, for example, allows teachers to group students into teams and thus introduce fun and increase activity in class.

#2 They Are Less Stressful

An incredible advantage is that these activities are a more relaxed form of testing knowledge and skills than official tests. Primarily because they are less formal than paper exams. Therefore, stress-free exercises are a great way to learn. If your students are used to these tests, even a form like this won’t scare them – it can even be conducted in groups!

Additionally, homework can be solved this way. Home quizzes reduce anxiety too. Children who are shy or introverted are especially likely to benefit from this method since they are fearful of giving incorrect answers and feeling embarrassed in class. Perhaps this approach will help them demonstrate their intelligence. 

#3 They Help to Concentrate on The Task

Moreover, this form of task allows you to concentrate 100% on the job at hand. That’s why kids are focused on what they are doing while playing. As a result, they are able to concentrate better when they work with glossaries. In contrast, we can’t say the same about textbooks: they are sometimes simply boring and don’t encourage the reader to explore further. They are additionally not very engaging, so children fail to pay attention. As a result, information is not absorbed correctly.

#4 They Make It Easier to Remember Information

Well-drafted quizzes can prepare pupils well for exams. If they are fun, release fresh energy, and are conducted often enough, they make kids remember the processed information better.

Imagine a situation where you divide students into groups – select random teams and give them a set of tasks to complete. Of course, the team with the best scores will get a prize. But most importantly, you know how many wrong answers were given, so you can focus on topics that were poorly remembered. 

#5 They Identify Knowledge Gaps

At the beginning of each school year, or when a new teacher is taking over lessons, this type of task can be given to learners to determine their level of knowledge and discover fields from which they lack adequate information. This is a quick way to find out where to start learning and what to focus on. For example, if you’re teaching English, you can run a classroom language game and see how your students perform. Then, you can introduce breakout sessions and conduct other vocabulary-learning games. Play the whole lesson this way. 

#6 They Are Quick to Conduct and Evaluate

For the most part, these glossaries are simple to construct and don’t require a lot of time to run or check the results. Special tools for creating these fun games are intuitive to use and have a simple interface. So you don’t have to worry that creating such attractions takes a lot of your time. 

Also, you won’t have to submit the results manually because it is done automatically. As a result, teachers deliver a collaborative learning game and leave with loads of resources.

#7 They Teach Collaborative Gaming

Competitive quiz games conducted on student devices or other digital tools can also have a great impact on group cooperation and enhance the social gaming experience. Pupils will learn what it is to help each other, share practical ideas and struggle together for a good grade. Such tasks can be student favorites, and the entire team can benefit from them. This type of collaborative, high-energy review game will strengthen not only knowledge but also group bonds. As a result, the lesson engagement level will increase. 

#8 They Motivate Learners More Effectively,

And, of course, these engaging games can motivate further learning and development. Kids will want to get good grades and get better, and you can make it easier for them by providing them with fantastic tools like interactive glossaries. Why should you care? Because your students will definitely prefer to bet on such funny quizzes and be rewarded for matching every correct definition rather than filling out the classic paper cards.

How does Quizlet Live Work?

There are two game modes in Quizlet Live:

πŸ‘‰ In team mode, students are able to work together, review terms, and answer questions.

πŸ‘‰ In individual mode, pupils can play against each other.

 Anyway, to start playing, you need to create an account. This is your first step.

#1 Sign in or Create an Account

To start playing, a teacher must create an account on the platform. Creating an account is free. If they already have an account on this system, they just need to log in. Classic Live could be played in team mode if you specified yourself as a teacher during registration. Teachers can customize and access additional features with Quizlet Plus.

#2 Select Quizlet Live

After logging in, it’s time to choose the type of game. To start a Classic Live session in teams mode, go to the set and select Live, then Classic Live. There is also a possibility to play Classic Live in individual mode, where players compete against one another.

#3 Select Teams and Combination

The next step is to select groups – you can choose random teams, for example. The next step is to determine which prompts and answers students should see. 

You have these variations to choose from:

✨ definitions as prompts, terms as answers,

✨ terms as prompts, definitions as answers,

✨ terms as prompts, locations on a diagram as answers,

✨ definitions as prompts, locations on a diagram as answers.

If you specify this, then Quizlet Live automatically generates a game for students to join.

#4 Let Players Have Fun

The final step is to let your students play. To do this, display your screen and ask all participants to open Quizlet Live. They will have to enter the generated digit code either by scanning the QR code with their mobile devices.  Finally, click Start Game!

But… Quizlet Live isn’t Perfect

This all sounds great. However, Quizlet is not a perfect tool. 

Keep in mind that the platform contains quite a lot of ads, so your students can get distracted by them. If you and your class use the free version of Quizlet – and you probably do – you’ll see ads on every page. It’s not necessarily a big problem, but some ads can be really annoying and distracting to kids. Such tools for games shouldn’t distract. In fact, the opposite, so either invests in a paid plan or consider another platform. 

Likewise, remember that any user can create and share a study set. Therefore, there is no guarantee all the information is accurate. This procedure is not necessarily intentional; however, it is harmful. A typo, for example, can cause a pupil to learn the word wrong and, consequently, end up completing the test incorrectly and receiving a low grade.

In this case, changing a service provider might be a good idea.

Meet Quizlet Live Alternative: Youengage

You can use Quizlet Live to teach your students key vocabulary and provide them with a “game show classroom,” but you can also bet on a more advanced tool that can give your pupils more fun. Yes! We’re talking about Youengage!

quizlet live alternative

Take advantage of matching games with our effective quiz maker. You can finally: 

πŸŽ“ forget about disengaged students, 

πŸŽ“ provide them with valuable knowledge, 

πŸŽ“ use multiple game templates, 

πŸŽ“ and get unique results. 

And all thanks to our amazing quizzes. 

Benefits of Using Youengage in Education (instead of Quizlet Live)

So, if you want to build collaborative review games but don’t know how or are afraid that you don’t have the time or skills to create such entertainment, be sure to check out what you can achieve with Youengage. Our platform won’t let you down – the opposite – it will help you diversify your classes. And even university students can benefit from these games.

Thanks to us, you will be able to create many types of activities. For example, you can ask what definition matches a word and then provide one correct answer among 3-4 possible answers. And all this in a pleasant and fun atmosphere. 

Best of all, in order to create beautiful and engaging quizzes, you don’t need IT support or any design teams – you are able to create wonders yourself in just a few minutes. Therefore, you can help countless students and teach them what they didn’t know until now. 

Over to You – use Quizlet Live alternatives

Among the array of ideas on how to engage your pupils, it’s worth betting on activities such as quizzes. These educational games are excellent aids to daily activities and can provide a ton of fun. 

Youengage is a recipe for building and keeping a strong activity with students. Log in or create an account and enjoy new opportunities with our quizzes.

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