Google Sheet Integration

Add new youengage project results to Google Sheets spreadsheet rows

Interactive quizzes, calculators, and conversational surveys are great to capture new leads and get feedback from your customers, but it can be hard to analyze and export that data. Using this Zapier integration, you can automatically save youengage project result to a Google Sheets spreadsheet and make it easy to search, copy, and share your data and leads with your team.

No code Required

Create interactive content for your purpose


Use personality tests and knowledge quizzes to generate and profile your leads

Surveys & Forms

Create and share conversational surveys and forms and get +35% higher completion rates

Calculators & Assessments

Provide value to your users using business calcualators or interactive product recommendations

Online Polls

Ask the right questions and boost your data collection with simple but powerful format

Interactive Online Events

Engage your audience using live polls, quizzes, and Q&A both in-person and in virtual meetings