No code Required

Combine synchronous and asynchronous methods of gathering feedback and user engagements.

Live Polls

Ask the right questions and use live polling to engage your audience

Live Q&A

Show your audience that you’re really listening and allow them to ask questions and answer them whenever you want.


Use personality tests and knowledge quizzes to generate and profile your leads

Surveys & Forms

Create and share conversational surveys and forms and get +35% higher completion rates

Calculators & Assessments

Provide value to your users using business calcualators or interactive product recommendations

Vote for the best option!

Bring the speaker and the listeners together by creating polls and asking audience’s opinion. Show the results in real-time.

Live polling

Run interactive presentations and meetings with a live polling tool. It’s fun, easy and requires no downloads.

Capture and show the results live

Let your participants vote from any device using a link or QR code and display the results in real-time

Crowdsource the best questions

Let your audience ask questions using any device, moderate the discussion and rate the presentations.

Start Converstion

Open the chat about your live virtual event.  Create buzz around your topics and get the best feedback.

Easy Moderation

Moderation allows you to review all incoming messages before your participants can see them.

Live video integration

Add interactivity to your existing virtual events or webinars. Engage your remote participants as they watch your live stream.

Embed your live video into youengage event

Participants can ask questions and vote in polls right next to your live video in one tab. All you need to do is add your live video embed code into youengage event.

Only one link to join your event

As your participants can view both video and youengage interactive formats in one place, you as a host need to share just one link with them

it's so easy

Here's is how it works

1. Quick build and design

With youengage you only need a while to add interactivity to your virtual event. Our admin panel is easy and intuitive – you will feel familiar with if after the first try. And the options of visual customization are endless…

2. Easy integration with live video providers

It only takes a moment to integrate youengage with your live video provider.  Whatever network you focus on – it’s all so simple!

3. Manage your interactive live event

Your interactive content will become an unlimited source of information on your business. Obtain feedback, stats & insights at ease! Create a unique relationship with your fans and customers. Engage them with your interactive content and use this opportunity to profile your leads.

For every point of customer journey

Interactive experiences

The New Conversion Model Is About Engagement

“Attract, Convert, Retain” is still the foundation of all activity, but it must be an adaptive process that takes its own feedback to improve over time. In this model, the core focus is on Visitor Engagement.


Quizzes & Tests
Content & Promotions
Lead pages


Product Configurators
Price Calculators
Customer Assessments


Customer Satisfaction
Product surveys
Discounts & Giveaways