Interactive Experiences

Create e-commerce quizzes for extra engagement

The more customized, the better. Through interactive product recommendation quizzes, you can let your customers discover your products and purchase them right away.

Increase the order value

You can increase customer satisfaction and grow your ecommerce business overall by offering interactive product recommendations based on your clients’ responses and preferences. The more unmatched customer experience you provide, the more likely they are to stick with your brand.

Create Interactive Experiences for your customers

Create product quizzes, polls, forms, and surveys in a minute Intuitive and effortless panel with unbelievable possibilities.

Create various customer journeys

You never know which touchpoint will win your clients’ hearts. Provide your clients and brand with the opportunity to fully explore the potential of your store.

Boost audience experience and drive conversion

Engage users at every step of the customer journey. Generate leads, gain instant feedback, and drive more revenues while capturing data.

More meaningful interaction

Drive stronger relationships with current and potential customers by using interactive forms of content and sales.

Improve remarketing

Use zero-party data from quizzes and customer assessments for deeper segmentation and then show returning visitors personalized promotions based on their quiz responses and results

eCommerce breathes integrations

You can connect data with the tools you use every day by using Zapier integrations, or native integrations with Google Tag Manager, Hubspot, or Mailchimp.

Take advantage of marketing automation

Transfer leads and data from interactive content automatically to your marketing platforms. Use insights to profile leads. Make the buyer’s journey cohesive.


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Get unique data about your ecommerce clients with interactive product recommendation quizzes.


Understanding your audience and their preferences can be accomplished with surveys


Design conversational forms that work on all devices and get feedback immediately.

Calculators & Assessments

Calculators help generate quotes while configurators help provide interesting information.

Live Engagement

Live events with interactive content forms can increase conversions.

it's so easy

Here's is how it works

1. Quick build and design

With youengage you only need a while to create quiz, form, mobile-frendly survey or poll. Our admin panel is easy and intuitive – you will feel familiar with if after the first try. And the options of visual customization are endless…

2. Easy sharing and embedding

It only takes a moment to share or embed your interactive experience with the rest of the world. Whatever network you focus on – it’s all so simple!

3. It's all about results

Your interactive content will become an unlimited source of information on your business. Obtain feedback, stats & insights at ease! Create a unique relationship with your fans and customers. Engage them with your interactive quizzes and use this opportunity to gain leads.

One platform, Many use-cases

Interactive content examples

Generate more Leads and traffic with quizzes created using youengage.

English Grammar Quiz

Test your students online with quick, easy to make quizzes that they can take on any device.

E-commerce Beauty Quiz

What kind of skin products you should use? Take up this product recommendation quiz and know what is best for your skin.

Fashion Style Quiz

What type of clothes do you think bring out your personality? Take up this fun quiz and know for sure.

Get the most valuable feedback.

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey

Start measuring Net Promoter Score® (NPS) – the right way! with NPS Survey. Discover how your customers evaluate specific features and processes

CSAT Survey

Start measuring Customer Satisfaction – the right way! with CSAT Survey. Discover how your customers evaluate specific features and processes

Calculate anything your customers are asking and turn website visitors into leads.

Wedding Budget Calculator

Answer the following questions to get ideas for planning your wedding and to get an estimate for your dream wedding.

Car Loan Calculator

Create lease payment estimation calculator or any other quota calculation for you business

BMI Calculator

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women

Create form for any occasion, like signing up for an event, collecting contact details, or taking feedback.

Rental Application Form

Whether you are a landlord or real estate agent, you can create a rental application form and find new tenants who fit your requirements

Ask the right questions and boost your data collection.

Political Poll

Running a political or social organization? Quickly survey public opinion with a beautiful online poll.

Interactive content for your store

What are you waiting for, fellow eCommerce owner?

Create a bespoke customer experience by delivering interactive product recommendations as an industry expert who keeps up to date with modern technology solutions.