Have you ever wanted to try a quiz tool out, but you didn’t feel convinced enough to actually go through the trial process? Maybe you don’t have enough time to go through free trials and would like to just read a review or two instead to make your mind up? While free trials are awesome, especially if you want to try a quiz tool out, not everyone can take advantage of them for one reason or another. If you’re one of these people, we have great news for you. We have prepared a software review of an Interact Quiz Builder.

For the past few weeks, we have been testing it out – all so you don’t have to. Should you sign up for a subscription? What are the pricing plans? What are some good features? Are there any alternatives? The answers to these questions, and more, are waiting for you in this article. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right in:

What is the TryInteract quiz builder? 

Before we reveal all of our insightful findings when it comes to testing the TryInteract tool out, let’s take a look at what it actually is. 

The TryInteract quiz builder is a piece of software for creating quizzes online of all sorts.

This tool is very similar to any other online quiz creators that allow users to easily and quickly create online quizzes. In just one month, the solutions’ founders claim to record: 

  • over 9 million completed quizzes, 
  • 42 000 scored leads,
  • an 80% quiz completion rate.

Some of the companies that use Interact quiz builder include brands like Copyhackers, Jenna Kutcher, Melyssa Griffin, American Red Cross and even LUSH – the British cosmetics giant. 

With various features and integrations to choose from, TryInteract looks interesting right from the get-go.

But is there actual quality to be offered by this tool that would confirm these aforementioned numbers are accurate.

Finding this out was our goal.

Our review of the TryInteract quiz builder

After interacting with TryInteract for over a month, we managed to write down quite a lot of insights.

From website design, through registration process, all the way up to using the tool and its features. Name any insight – we probably have it. 

Without wasting too much time, we signed up and decided to check this tool in and out. 

What did we find? Would we recommend using TryInteract? What are some bits and bobs that we came across? 

Read on to find out.


Starting with TryInteract’s website, as soon as you go to www.tryinteract.com, you’re greeted with a fairly good looking website.

While it has a relatively simple design, there’s actually a lot to explore on it, including things like: 

  • features,
  • resources,
  • about,
  • pricing,
  • log in, 
  • free trial sign up,
  • current/previous clients,
  • testimonials, 

and more.

interact quiz builder website

Although the website seems easy to navigate for an average web visitor, we did get the impression that it was easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of content on it. 

Surely with a few changes in the layout, the user experience would slightly improve.

The reason why we point to this fact is that for software providers, their website is like a business card. 

If you can provide an excellent website visitor experience right from the get go, chances are you will be able to convert that visitor into an actual customer. 

All in all, Interact quiz builder’s website is nice and relatively easy to navigate.

However, the impression is that some of the information included there could be slightly better organized for an improved user experience.

Registration and payment plans

After getting familiar with TryInteract’s website and its contents, it was time for us to register an account.

For this purpose, we headed to the “pricing” tab on the website and began our exploration of the possible subscription plans.

TryInteract offers 3 different subscription plans which you can subscribe to either on a yearly or monthly basis. Those are:

  • Lite – for $17 yearly or $29 monthly,
  • Growth – for $53 yearly or $89 monthly,
  • Pro – for $129 yearly or $209 monthly.

It’s important to remember that all plans are different in their features, with the Pro plan having the most to offer prospective subscribers like you.

No matter what type of subscription you decide to pick, each comes with a 14 day trial – use how much you want and pay 0 as long as you cancel the free trial plan on time.

Another thing worth keeping in mind is that the monthly version of the 3 plans is more expensive.

If you’re a fan of good deals, it might be a good idea to opt in for the yearly plan as you could save up to 40% on your purchase!

One aspect that seemed a bit irritating when signing up for the free trial was having to provide our card details right from the start.

In other words, you won’t be able to register, even for a free trial, if you don’t provide your payment details straight away. 

This approach gave off the feeling of being slightly pushy and profit- instead of good customer experience-orientated. 

All it took was 5 steps and we were able to start using Interact Quiz Builder: 

  1. Select a plan,
  2. Create an account,
  3. Confirm email address,
  4. Providing payment details,
  5. Select the industry and use case.

Top 3 TryInteract quiz builder features

After we were finally able to get our account all set up, it was time to start properly using the tool to create online quizzes.

In this section, we have summarized our favorite features of TryInteract, so keep reading to find out what they are.

  1. Tips for beginners

First all, well done to the TryInteract team for providing their newbies with some much needed educational content.

Whenever you start using something for the first time, it’s all about education at the very beginning. TryInteract is not an exception and the way that they thought about these short videos to help new users out is truly heartwarming.

  1. Creating designs

Moving on, another rich and well-developed thing about TryInteract is the way that you can create designs. All in all, there are 23 different quiz categories.

As for creating the quiz designs, there are two ways you can approach this matter. You can either start from scratch and create your own designs using drag and drop tools. 

Alternatively, TryInteract offers various templates that you can use to save time and get your quizzes ready to send out faster.

Now, while the “start from scratch” option sounds exciting, it takes much longer compared to using ready templates. However, it’s nice that this feature is there as it allows you to use your creativity and create something unique. 

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide what you want to use. 

In our feeling, both ready and blank templates are good things to have. This certainly gives TryInteract a competitive advantage over other solutions which only offer ready, non-editable templates.

  1. Easy share

Finally, something that really caught our attention is how easy and quick it is to share your ready quizzes with potential quiz takers.

After you spend quite some time on designing your perfect quiz (it takes longer than we anticipated), we feel like there’s nothing worse than having a difficult time actually sharing it. 

Luckily, Interact quiz builder did a nice job when it comes to sharing your quizzes with other people.

You have 5 options to share your quizzes, and these are:

  • using a simple shareable link,
  • embedding code on your website
  • using the announcement bar,
  • creating a popup with the quiz
  • embedding them into your Facebook ads

Everything comes with clear guidelines, and in some cases even customization features:

It’s definitely refreshing to see such a smooth and flawless sharing process. Although it could be made even more simpler so that nobody struggles with it, we rate the current experience a solid 8 out of 10 points. Good job!

TryInteract’s bits and bobs – what are TryInteract’s disadvantages?

Now that we’ve presented you with some of the great, positive sides of using TryInteract for creating your quizzes, let’s take a look at the not so great, in our opinion, aspects of it.

  1. A lot of emails

After signing up for TryInteract, we must admit that we got slightly overwhelmed with the number of emails you get from TryInteract as a subscriber. 

tryinteract quiz builder

They seem to be really paying attention to you and your experience. The question is: do they do it in the right way? While emails with quizz classes, as demonstrated above, are nice and useful, other types of emails might and in fact did in our case, seem spammy. 

During the first week or so, you actually receive emails from Interact quiz builder every single day.

Personally we feel like such an approach can be slightly overwhelming and lead to an increase of opt outs from the mailing subscriber list or a a decreased open rate.

While this aspect does not have a direct negative effect on the tools’ functionality itself, it can indeed be somewhat irritating.

  1. Integrations

Let’s discuss another not so perfect side of TryInteract. On their website, it says that there are over 50 integrations available to use. However, when you go deeper to check them out, it turns out that there are only 36.

If you still want to know what they are, here are some examples:

  • Marketing and automation: Campaign Monitor, Hubspot, 
  • Email marketing: Gmail, Mailchimp,
  • Membership and course sites: Kajabi, Teachable,
  • Analytics: Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, 
  • Communication: Slack.

As you can see, these are pretty basic integrations. In other words, nothing too fancy. 

  1. Not so great UI

Finally, this is something that we weren’t sure of mentioning in this review, but in the end decided to. While UI quality can be highly relative, most of our team members who were testing TryInteract with us came to the same conclusion.

Our experience using TryInteract over the past few weeks has led us to conclude that the tool’s user interface could be more intelligent and, in general, more intuitive.

Even though the user’s dashboard looks fairly simple at a first glance, once you get to developing your quizzes, it’s quite easy to get lost because of the complex quiz workflows.

The drag and drop tools aren’t extremely intuitive, which really puts TryInteract in the shadows compared to other, more developed online quiz builders.

As we were creating a quiz, we also couldn’t find the option to preview a ready quizz.

What are some reliable TryInteract quiz builder alternatives?

As you can see, TryInteract has both good and bad sides – as most tools do. So, it isn’t necessarily perfect. 

If you’re looking for something better to create a quiz, we come with a helping hand.

In one of our recent posts we presented our top 4 picks when it comes to online form builders, including tools for creating quizzes. While TryInteract is there, we also recommend 4 other ones that may tickle your fancy more than TryInteract. 

One of them is YouEngage. With it, creating online quizzes has never been easier.

YouEngage allows you to create engaging, interactive content. You can use advanced forms, polls, calculators, assessments, product recommendations, live engagements, games and of course: quizzes.

Quiz takers and quiz makers can enjoy various assessment quizzes, entertaining quizzes, lead generation types of quizzes and more.

All of that with some amazing-looking quiz templates for that perfect and converting quiz strategy.

With YouEngage, you can conduct virtual events, hold in-person meetings, and create standalone interactive experiences.

Some of the key features offered include:

  1. Embed and create quizzes anywhere you want thanks to the fantastic user experience.
  2. The design of the pre-built templates is modern and fully customizable – removing YouEngage branding and implementing your own design for brand storytelling is super easy.
  3. Custom thank you screen to express appreciation for recipients’ time. Also, you can add a call-to-action button to encourage the respondents to answer. 
  4. Generate leads with reliable features,
  5. Built-in quiz results analytics and tracking engagement at your fingertips to allow you to generate leads even more effectively. 
  6. YouEngage provides seamless, advanced integrations with popular platforms and marketing tools such as Zapier, Hubspot, MailChimp, Google Analytics and more.
  7. It’s great for virtual and in-person meetings because of real-time engagement.
  8. Previewing how the form would look on various types of devices for a potential quiz taker (tablet, mobile phones, desktop).
  9. Thanks to the drag-and-drop builder, the form creation process is seamless and smooth.
  10. You can build entire forms from scratch easily and it is a matter of minutes.

And what about pricing? 

Users can choose between three paid plans and one free one that have varying features. Starter plans cost $19 per month, Professional plans cost $49 per month, and Business plans cost $149 per month. 

There are free trial plans and free plans available for those who want to try YouEngage out. What’s more, you can also get a tailored-made plan – just contact the sales team!

youengage pricing options

Why do we think it’s better than TryInteract and you might like it more? Well, that’s because: 

  1. it offers great user experience,
  2. registration is super fast and smooth, with no card details required for payment for the online quiz maker,
  3. YouEngage is trusted by lots of companies around the world, which is proved by amazing reviews,
  4. The features are well developed and never fail the user who wants to create quizzes that convert,
  5. the available quiz types are awesome: personality quiz, trivia quiz, assessment quiz, ecommerce quiz, complex quiz types, multiple answers quiz and more.

If TryInteract doesn’t seem like the choice for you after reading this review – the YouEngage online quiz maker certainly will. That’s because it makes up for Interact quiz builder weak points.

Interact quiz builder review – now you know everything!

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed our elaborate our Tryinteract review.

In this article, we shared with you some of our most carefully selected and valuable insights about one of the online quiz makers – Interact quiz builder. As you could see, overall it is a solid tool, yet it lacks quality and reliability in some of its aspects. 

It will surely be enough for anyone who’s just starting their online quiz journey and is looking for some affordable quiz builders. However, if you’re into more intelligent solutions, we suggest that you check out tools like Youengage for example.

Thanks for your attention and good luck with creating your first quiz!

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