Making customers happy may seem like an impossible mission sometimes, especially in difficult niches. 

Luckily, inventions like product recommendations quizzes come to the rescue. 

Join us for today’s read on what they are, how to create them so they convert and what tools may help you with that. 

What is a product recommendation quiz?

In a product recommendation quiz, visitors are asked questions about their preferences, traits, or interests before a product is recommended based on their answers.

Product recommendation quiz: benefits

Product recommendation quizzes can help your customers discover your products better. 

In addition, they also have the power to deliver a more personalized shopping experience in a fun, engaging way to your customers. As a result, you get a chance at embedding your brand name deep in your customers’ minds.

Looking at the benefits that you can expect to reap off as a seller, there’s lots of things to be excited for.

Doing these quizzes opens the door for you to get to know your customers much further. This way, you get access to detailed data that can be then used for segmentation purposes in your marketing campaigns. Just imagine how precise your email list could be.

What’s more, this type of zero-party data you collect with these quizzes can also be utilized for the purposes of remarketing and high personalisation of promotions. As a result, this will give your customers the highest level of customer engagement with better UX.


Perfect product recommendation quiz: best practices

Knowing how to create a converting product recommendation quiz can benefit you in many ways. You’ll find out how to do it now.

✔️ Keep it short

First things first, remember that today’s customers are always busy. They don’t have time to fill out unnecessarily long surveys and quizzes. 

For this reason, you must aim to keep your product recommendation quizzes as short as possible. 

To do it, find out what is absolutely essential for you to ask and figure out a way to do it in a short format.

You don’t want to overflood your website visitors with too much information right at the start.

⭐2 Do’s & 1 Don’t⭐

Do: keep your product recommendations quizzes short

Do: find out what’s most important to ask about

Don’t: spam your website visitors with long questionnaires at the beginning

✔️ Create interactive experiences

Next, once you’ve got your short format sorted, you should think about how to make your quiz engaging for the overall user experience.

Now, there’s many ways to do it. For instance, you could offer some rewards for completing such a quiz. It could be a discount code on the first purchase or free shipping.

As for the quiz itself, consider adding elements like images, videos, or even work on the way you ask questions.

quizlet live alternative


⭐2 Do’s & 1 Don’t⭐

Do: make your quizzes fun and engaging

Do: consider adding elements like images, videos, emojis or some funny wording

Don’t: assume quiz takers don’t expect any rewards for participating in quizzes

✔️ Embed it in various places

Finally, for the best completion rates, your goal should be to place your quiz about your products in as many places as possible: using URLs, QR codes, through standard website embeds, popups, popovers, side tabs, expand banners, sliders, full-screen embeds, on social media, in email newsletter and more.

This will allow you to maximize your reach and possibly increase sales volume. 


⭐2 Do’s & 1 Don’t⭐

Do: put your product recommendation quiz in many places

Do: consider places like email, social media and websites for a product quiz

Don’t: limit your quiz reach by not utilizing all the possible places to put it in

Creating a product recommendation quiz

If you’re yet to create your first product recommendation quiz, you’re going to need a tool to do it. 

In this part then, we’ll explain where you can find it, what features it should have and which one you should use.

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Where to look for a quiz maker?

#1 Quora

The question and answer platform Quora is an excellent place to look for tool recommendations from real users. 

By visiting this platform, you have a chance to find a high-quality tool that will help you create outstanding quizzes for your product recommendations.


#2 Software review sites 

Another great place to look for quiz makers is software review sites. There, you can find lots of insightful details about tools, for example:

  • pricing plans, 
  • features,
  • pros and cons, 
  • reviews from verified users,

Some of the most popular software review platforms include:

Don’t forget to browse through them during your hunt for an effective quiz maker.


#3 Blogs

Finally, a rather undervalued source of quiz maker recommendations are blog websites.

Many blogs write extensively about various quiz tools, describing things like their features, pricing, ease of use, pros and cons and more. 

When you’re on the lookout for a tool for yourself, you shouldn’t neglect this source.


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What quiz maker should I use?

When looking for your ideal quiz maker for product recommendation quizzes, there’s a few aspects that they should, in our opinion, have:

✔️ budget-friendly

✔️ stellar user support center

✔️ rich quiz editing features

✔️ ease of use

✔️ scalability

✔️ asynchronous and synchronous operations

✔️ templates to use

✔️ integrations

✔️ analytics and performance monitoring tools

A solution that meets all of the above is YouEngage – your superb tool for creating interactive quizzes that convert.

Using YouEngage, you will be able to quickly create effective and converting quizzes: not only for product recommendations, but also:

  • customer satisfaction,
  • net promoter score,
  • online registration,

and many, many more.

We highly recommend that you check it out – the sign up process is quick and simple.

P.S. We even have a forever free plan waiting for you! 🙂

Try out our E-commerce beauty quiz template now:

Create your first product recommendation quiz today!

That’s a wrap from our side!

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. 

Product recommendation quizzes can be really effective if you are aware of everything we just mentioned above. 

And if you’re looking for an intuitive tool that will exceed all your expectations, let us recommend YouEngage – we can’t wait to show you how solid our tool and its features are. 

Other than that, many thanks for stopping by and good luck!

Product recommendation quiz FAQ

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about product recommendation quizzes and more. 

What is a product recommendation quiz?

A product recommendation quiz asks visitors questions about their preferences, traits, or interests before a product is recommended based on their answers. Such a quiz can help your customers discover your products better. In addition, it can also deliver a more personalized shopping experience in a fun, engaging way to your customers.

Where do I look for a product recommendation quiz maker?

When you’re looking for a good product recommendation quiz maker, we recommend 3 different sources: Quora, software review platforms and blogs. Checking these places will most definitely result in your finding a good tool for your needs.

What features should my product recommendation quiz maker have?

While quiz makers have lot of different features, we recommend that you look for the following ones specifically:

What is the best tool to create a product recommendation quiz?

One of the most engaging and reliable quiz makers available out there that you can create your product recommendation quiz with is YouEngage. It’s an intelligent and solid solution with plenty of interactive features, great pricing and stellar user support.

What are some best practices when creating product recommendation quizzes?

When creating product recommendation quizzes, it’s worth doing a few things for best results. More specifically, your quizzes should be short and engaging. Once that’s taken care of, you should ensure that you embed the quiz in as many strategic places as possible.

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