Have you ever wanted to subscribe to the TryInteract quiz maker but had some doubts? Do you want to find out the potential pitfalls of this software before signing up? Are you curious to know what your alternatives are?

If that’s the case, you couldn’t pick a better article to read.

We’ve researched this tool for you and gathered 4 things you should know before you register for a subscription plan (and potentially waste precious time and money).

So sit back and enjoy – you’re about to learn a thing or two.

What is TryInteract?

TryInteract is a quiz software tool that lets you create standalone, asynchronous types of quizzes. The creators suggest using it to “grow your email list, segment your leads, and recommend products to increase sales”.

Copyhackers, Melyssa Griffin, American Red Cross, Jenna Kutcher and LUSH are just some of the companies using TryInteract to design their quizzes.

Users can create online quizzes quite easily with this tool, just like any other online quiz creator.

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TryInteract – 4 things you should know before signing up

TryInteract looks interesting right from the start. However, the seemingly rich variety of features and integrations to choose from may trick you.

Is this quiz software able to deliver solid quality? Are the companies using TryInteract actually satisfied?

Check out our insights and judge it yourself.

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High pricing, but limited features

TryInteract offers 3 different pricing tiers to choose from. Each has a separate set of features included.

Depending on your individual needs, you may fancy using one of the following pricing models: Lite, Growth or the Pro plan.

Let’s take a deeper look at the range of features hiding behind these names:

Lite ($39/month)Growth ($89/month)Pro ($209/month)
Create, publish, and share your quizzes52050
add your own branding🟢🟢🟢
use your own logo🔴🟢🟢
number of team members in 1 account1310
analytics featuresbasicadvancedadvanced

One significant thing to notice is that TryInteract doesn’t offer any free plans. The only free thing is the trial, which doesn’t even give access to all the key features of the tool.

However, to use it, you must provide your payment details first, which is a bit inconvenient.

It’s a shame as this fact puts this tool at a disadvantage as opposed to others that do offer free plans.

The available subscription options themselves are quite pricey compared to the features and pricing offered by competitors. For example, with YouEngage you get custom themes and colors, 100 quiz responses, unlimited projects and events completely for free.

As somebody considering trying TryInteract out, you should keep this in mind.

Poor user experience

Another significant aspect of TryInteract you should be aware of is the user experience.

If you’re a fan of smooth, intuitive user interfaces, TryInteract may not be the right fit for your needs.

For example, the user dashboard may seem to be easy to navigate at first glance. However, once you begin creating quizzes, it’s simple to get lost due to the complicated quiz design process.

What’s more, in comparison to other, more developed quiz builders, TryInteract’s drag-and-drop tools aren’t very intuitive. They can even be buggy and freeze from time to time. Your quiz takers may also come across some difficulties. 

So if that’s something that could potentially bother you, we suggest using a different quiz maker.

Lots of spam emails

Next on the list we’ve got “spam” emails. After signing up, prepare your email address to get flooded with emails from the TryInteract Team.

tryinteract emails

While messages with quizz classes, as demonstrated above, are nice and useful, other types of emails might give off the impression of being intrusive.

In just 12 days after signing up for TryInteract’s free trial, you’ll receive 14 emails. 

If that’s something you’re not fond of, it’ll certainly be beneficial if you pick a TryInteract alternative. Alternatively, use an email platform that you don’t use too often. This way, you won’t have to deal with the emails every day.

Limited range of integrations

Last but not least, TryInteract isn’t for you if you’re looking for an extensive list of native integrations.

According to their website, there are more than 50 integrations available. It turns out, however, that there are just 36 basic integrations.

Let’s have a look at how they compare to other quiz makers:

TryInteractOther quiz makers*
🟢 Hubspot
🟢 Slack
🟢 Mailchimp
🟢 Google Sheets
🟢 ActiveCampaign
🔴 Intercom
🔴 Airtable
🔴 Google Tag Manager
🔴 Airtable
🟢 Hubspot
🟢 Slack
🟢 Mailchimp
🟢 Google Sheets
🟢 Intercom
🟢 Airtable
🟢 Google Tag Manager

As you can see, TryInteract doesn’t really offer a wide range of useful and advanced integrations like Google Analytics or Airtable – the ultimate collaboration and all things in-depth analytics software. 

Looking again at this tools’ pricing, we get the impression that it’s definitely too high given the limited integrations.

What is better than TryInteract?

TryInteract has some pretty obvious limitations as you could see. It’s far from perfect, even for those not-too-demanding quiz makers.

This is why you need an alternative solution that will be better on various levels.

One of our recent blog posts featured our top 4 picks for online quiz maker tools. As well as TryInteract, we recommend 3 other tools that may be more appealing to you.

One of them is YouEngage – the ultimate tool for creating effective quizzes that convert: both synchronously and asynchronously.

tryinteract alternatives

What makes YouEngage an excellent choice for your needs?

  • The user experience is outstanding, giving you an interactive format to work with,
  • YouEngage allows you to register quickly and simply with no card details required,
  • The pricing is competitive: better than that of TryInteract, plus there’s a forever free plan available,
  • Based on great reviews, numerous companies around the globe trust YouEngage,
  • You can choose from a wide range of quiz formats: personality type of quiz,  multiple answers quizzes, ecommerce, complex quiz type, assessment quiz type and more,
  • You get access to amazing analytics features, quiz templates, customizable templates, direct integrations, various customization options and more.

But to avoid throwing words on the wind, we come with a direct answer to the question:

What makes YouEngage better than TryInteract?

We offer subscribers much more than TryInteract with our YouEngage quiz maker. The reason for this is that YouEngage is fundamentally different from TryInteract in terms of how it can be used.

While TryInteract is a quiz maker for standalone, regular quizzes, with YouEngage you can also create synchronous, live quizzes. If you wanted to do it with TryInteract, you’d need yet another tool.

Let’s look at the below table to show you what we mean more clearly:

Where can I use YouEngage quizzes?Where can I use TryInteract quizzes?
🟢 during live meetings with employees 
🟢 during live classes with students
🟢 during live events 
🟢 on a landing page 
🟢 anywhere on your website
🟢 in email newsletters 
🔴 during live meetings with employees
🔴 during live classes with students
🔴 during live events 
🟢 on a landing page
🟢 anywhere on your website 
🟢 in email newsletters 

Simply put, TryInteract subscribers would have to subscribe to and pay for another solution if they wanted to host live quizzes. With YouEngage, you get 1 subscription and can manage both synchronous and asynchronous quizzes using one tool.

Which option do you consider to be more beneficial? For us the answer is clear and it’s YouEngage – your source of interactive content formats for survey takers.

Unleash the power of quizzes today

And that’s a wrap!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article on one of the quiz creator tools available out there – TryInteract.

Now you should have a pretty good understanding of its shortcomings. High pricing, poor user experience, spammy approach to newsletter and limited integrations can be pretty serious dealbreakers.

If you feel like they’re too big for you, you should definitely opt in for an alternative online quiz builder, for example YouEngage – an amazing tool that’ll give you the best quiz performance ever.

Also, to learn more about quizzes and quiz makers, we invite you to have a look at our blog – it’s a real game changer. You can learn from it things like how to improve your quiz performance, how to take advantage of a wide range of quiz formats, how to design a good quiz strategy and more.

Other than that, thanks for your time and good luck with your quizzes!


Below you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the TryInteract quiz software.

What is TryInteract?

TryInteract is an average quiz software that lets you create standalone, asynchronous quizzes of various kinds, for example personality quizzes, for your target audience. Users can create online quizzes quite easily with this tool, just like any other online quiz creator.

How much does TryInteract cost?

TryInteract’s subscription plans start from $39 per month. The most expensive “Pro” plan costs $209 per month, while for the middle one you’ll have to pay $89 every month.

What are TryInteract’s cons?

TryInteract’s most common cons are high pricing mixed with limited features, poor user experience, lots of spam emails sent to their email list and not-too-rich integrations.

Should I get a TryInteract alternative?

If aspects like minimal features, high pricing, buggy user experience, and limited integrations are deal breakers for you, you should opt in for an alternative solution. One of them is YouEngage – a reliable quiz maker for synchronous and asynchronous quizzes offering a wide range of quiz formats, advanced analytics and more.

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