Kahoot is one of the most popular virtual training tools in the world. It is a great solution for teachers, employers and others to create interactive quizzes with questions and answers. However, Kahoot can be challenging sometimes, especially if your Kahoot code doesn’t seem to work.

What to do in this case? What are the possible fixes? Find out from this article today.

But, first things first, let’s set some things clear in case you have no idea what Kahoot or Kahoot codes are:

What’s Kahoot?

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that allows you to easily design, share, and play various learning games and trivia quizzes. The platform was founded in September 2013 and can be used in as many as 17 languages around the world.

With this tool, teachers, organizations, parents, and students can set up web-based learning for others that’s fun and educational.

What’s Kahoot code?

To play a Kahoot game, quiz takers must get a special PIN and enter it to access a particular quiz and the game session.

Without it, they wouldn’t be able to play any quizzes on the platform.

The Kahoot code is a 6-digit game PIN that is completely unique and temporary. The PIN number identifies the game you can join.

You can generate it when you present a live kahoot or create one.

Where do I find my Kahoot code?

You cannot just find a Kahoot code. Rather, you need to get it from the game host. Each kahoot session has its own PIN. As soon as a game is launched, a Kahoot code is generated and it can be used on kahoot.it or in the app.

What to do if my Kahoot code doesn’t work?

In cases when your Kahoot code doesn’t work, there’s a few (not many, but still) possible solutions you could try. We’ll go over them now.

#1 Speak to the quiz host

First things first, it’s best to contact your quiz host immediately. Your Kahoot code may not work because your host provided you with a wrong code.

So to find out what the situation you’re in is, be sure to reach out to the host of your quiz. It could be your teacher, boss, advisor, friend, family member or pretty much anyone who created the quiz you want to take.

Once you speak to them, they should be able to find a fix and give you the right code right away.

#2 Check the subscription plan

If your host quiz doesn’t know what’s wrong because they gave you the right code, there might be a different issue.

This problem could relate to the subscription plan your host has on Kahoot.

See, Kahoot offers various pricing options. If your Kahoot code doesn’t work, it might be that the number of allowed players is exceeded. In this case, you won’t be able to join a Kahoot game, even though you have the right PIN number.

So what to do in this case? Well, your quiz host will most likely have to pick a different subscription plan to fit all the quiz takers.

Otherwise, you simply won’t be let into the quiz.

#3 Check your Internet connection

Your host gave you the right code and their subscription plan is alright, but still nothing. So what now?

In this case, the problem may lay on your end.

Perhaps the issue is that you… have a faulty Internet connection? It’s easy to overlook this, especially when it shows you’re connected to WiFi, but there’s no Internet to it.

What you can do is simply restart your WiFi or mobile data and see if the issue disappears.

#4 Restart your Kahoot quiz website or app

If all of the above things are taken care of, but there’s no success, we come with another (potentially useful) solution.

The issue may be not on yours or your quiz host sides, but the software itself.

First, make sure that you are using the latest version of the Kahoot website or mobile app. You can also try restarting your browser or the computer and then reloading your quiz.

Doing this may solve the issue once and for all. Sometimes a quick refresh or software update is all you need.

#5 Reach out to Kahoot support

If none of these solutions seem to work, the issue may be something bigger.

It could be some software outage or bug that’s stopping you from accessing a Kahoot game.

To solve this, you’ll have to reach out to Kahoot’s support center. There’s a few ways to get help, but it’s probably best to send a request form.

Here, there’s some rules you need to meet to be able to contact them, for example being over 16 years old (or 13 if you’re in the United States of America).

However, it’s a bit of a big unknown as to when you can expect to get a reply. This means you may completely miss your Kahoot game. That sounds a bit disappointing, doesn’t it?

#6 Consider using another tool

If you tried everything and none of our ideas seem to work, it might be best to simply let go of Kahoot and… pick an alternative solution.

If you’re somebody who doesn’t want to lose time on faulty quizzes, software bugs and long responses from the support team – choosing a different tool may be your best bet.

Now – there’s plenty of fish in the sea, we know it. So we thought we’d give you a helping hand and support you with looking for your alternative.

Your Kahoot alternative: say goodbye to missing & faulty Kahoot codes

As you could see, the Kahoot tool may be a bit irritating, especially if your Kahoot code doesn’t work like it should. The good news is that there are other options out there.

One of these alternatives is YouEngage: your ultimate, all-in-one solution for creating not only quizzes, but also surveys, forms, calculators, assessments and more.

It has a much simpler setup process and allows users to easily share their quizzes without having to worry about missing or faulty codes.

kahoot code alternative

How is YouEngage better than Kahoot?

YouEngage goes beyond Kahoot with its wide range of features. In what way?

 Well, as good as Kahoot is, it’s a tool for live quizzes only.

This means Kahoot can only be used during live events with a direct connection to the audience. There must be someone to set up and host such a quiz live.

In contrast, YouEngage offers the possibility of creating quizzes both synchronously (live, just as with Kahoot) and asynchronously (standalone).

From a practical and use case-based perspective, here’s what you need to know:

Where can I use YouEngage quizzes?Where can I use Kahoot quizzes?
🟢 during live classes with students
🟢 during live events 
🟢 during live meetings with employees
🟢 on a landing page
🟢 in email newsletters 
🟢 on your website
🟢 during live classes with students
🟢 during live events 
🟢 during live meetings with employees
🔴 on a landing page
🔴 in email newsletters 
🔴 on your website

Kahoot subscribers who want to host standalone quizzes must subscribe to and pay for another solution. YouEngage gives you a single subscription and allows you to manage everything from one platform: both live and standalone quizzes.

So the choice is yours: are you after a limited tool with occasional software bugs and missing codes? Or are you more into reliable, broad solutions offering top quality and spot on user experience?

For us: YouEngage wins all the way up. For that reason, you should give it a try – it’s free!


And that’s a wrap on our end! After reading this article, you should be able to tell:

  • what Kahoot is,
  • what a Kahoot code is, and also
  • what to do when your Kahoot code doesn’t work like it should.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you did – share it around & come back for more interesting pieces of content. Let’s make sure as many people as possible know their Kahoot alternatives and what to do when Kahoot lets them down.

Other than that, many thanks for reading and good luck with your quizzes!

Kahoot Code FAQ

In this section you’ll find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Kahoot.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a game-based online tool that allows you to easily design, share, and play various learning games and online quizzes. The platform was founded in September 2013 and can be used in as many as 17 languages around the world.

How can I share a Kahoot game?

Besides sharing public kahoots, you can also share your own and organizational kahoots. Choose the “Share” option from the kahoot’s options menu. Enter the username, email address, or group name in the search box. Under the search box, a list of matching people and groups will appear. Share your kahoot by clicking “Share” next to the people and groups you want to share it with.

How to find a Kahoot code?

The host of the game must provide the Game PINs to you. Each kahoot session has its own PIN. As soon as a kahoot is launched, learners can join it via kahoot.it or the app. Players cannot generate PINs, unless they’re a host.

Is Kahoot a reliable digital learning tool?

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that has been used for many years. The reliability of this tool depends on the use case and the user’s experience with it. Sometimes, it can be buggy, especially when there’s issues with the Kahoot code. All in all, it’s a fairly stable solution.

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