Online form builders are on the rise in the modern world. The demand for web forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls continues to grow in today’s society – and here comes 123 Form Builder.

It is a common practice nowadays for institutions to gather consumer feedback. While making the survey reasonable with a pleasant design, consumers are more likely to fill it out.

Surveys, quizzes, and registration forms are becoming increasingly popular in schools and colleges.

Teachers prepare smart forms like quizzes to test students’ knowledge to improve their work. At universities, surveys and quizzes are used not only by lecturers but also by students themselves when writing their diploma theses. The popularity of job application forms is also growing on the market.

Engaging audiences through such tools can lead to increased conversion rates.

In this fast-growing market, so many products are available that customers are confused, so they cannot decide which tool to use and purchase.

Among the most attractive ones on the market, we can find 123FormBuilder.

In this blog post, we will discuss what 123FormBuilder is, whether it is the best option to choose, and why looking for non-123FormBuilder possibilities is worthwhile.

During our discussion, we will also cover things worth considering before making the switch.

Let’s get started.

What is 123FormBuilder?

123FormBuilder is an online form builder that creates surveys, polls, quizzes, and digital forms. With this form builder tool, you can also securely collect data online.

It is designed for small businesses and large enterprises. This form generator possesses GDPR-ready forms. Thanks to this, it offers safe and designer forms.

This form maker system allows users to create secure contact forms, free online forms, custom forms, and questionaries. In addition, it enables users to build their forms from scratches or use read-made temples.

Using 123FormBuilder, customers can also get feedback from clients. Thanks to the application form, customer service may be improved because it gathers all requests.

123FormBuilder also offers the opportunity to collect payments via an order form and plan better events with an event registration form.

Aside from that, 123FormBuilder offers integration with existing digital tools. For example, this tool can fill out online forms with Salesforce data, get paid through PayPal order forms, and add new contacts to Mailchimp mailing lists.

It is still essential to note that all businesses have different needs, and this form maker may not meet all industry requirements in each business area and maintain customer satisfaction.

Even though 123FormBuilder possesses a straightforward interface, it is a rather basic tool. The first drawback is that there are many features in the paid version that are not available in the free version plan or cheaper ones. 

A platinum plan, for instance, offers payment integration, but a gold plan does not. The storage function could also be highly problematic in the free version- they do not offer such an option. With their cheapest plan, it is a bit better.

There are, of course, some beneficial 123FormBuilder options, but they require upgrading your plan to get access to them. Therefore, instead of saving money, customers are faced with increased costs.

Now, we will proceed to the next section of this article, which discusses why 123FormBuilder may not be the best option and why other alternatives are recommended before making a final decision.

Where 123 Form Builder might not be the best fit?

As we mentioned, 123FormBuilder may fall short of some customer needs in their preferred plan.

Having gathered customer opinions, we identified areas where it may need improvement.

The following are examples of features that can be changed:

  • The level of customer support that is lacking
  • payment options that are limited to some of the higher plans,
  • clumsy automation setup that makes work tedious, 
  • freezing forms while integrating with Wix websites, 
  • customization of alternative forms that are very time-consuming,
  • Impressive designs requirement of payment each time they are selected
  • no option to export forms to PDF or Word; only URLs are available
  • pricing policy

What to look for when looking for alternatives

The best solution in such cases, as discussed above, is to look for some better alternatives. So let’s see what you should consider before making a switch. 

#1 Make sure the platform is easy to use and meets your needs

It would help if you considered your needs when looking for the right tool for your business.

The easy-to-use interface is half the battle. When choosing a suitable app for you, focus on file management possibilities, localized and alternative payment methods (e.g., cryptocurrencies), prospects of customization, and, of course, a free trial to see which features appeal most to you.

Consider a tool to help you with client retention and enhance your online events with live surveys and event registration possibilities. It will for sure increase audience satisfaction. Don’t forget about improving conversions. It’s a significant achievement to get people talking.

#2 Consider your budget

Decide how much you are willing to spend on an exact form builder.

Price, in most circumstances, is a game changer. So if you are looking for a low-budget option with the best features, you must shop around carefully.

You will reap the rewards of investing in your business in the long run.

Compare your options carefully because many companies nowadays are overpriced, and you may find cheaper and more valuable offers while making comparisons.

When making your decision, make sure you read the feedback from previous customers. Finally, ensure the form builder license you plan to purchase offers the features and form settings you need.

#5 Check software integration

Your business growth will highly depend on the tools you use. The software integration of your future software is therefore crucial.

Your software should integrate with your payment system and at least with Google Docs or Google Calendar.

The basic plan should provide as well access to multiple form templates, e.g., some companies offer ready-to-go form templates, file uploads, and a good form editor to create powerful forms.

#6 Check plan upgrades

Check out the plan upgrades or premium plans in case you need more options in the future. If advanced form styling features significantly increased costs, you should check if you can live without them.

#7 Study customer reviews

Even if companies advertise themselves in superlatives, keep in mind that customers’ opinion is the most reliable factor. From previous customers’ comments, you may learn a lot about the chosen app details. So don’t just read one opinion and do more research. Thanks to this, you will discover which functions fail and what may be helpful for you in a tool.

YouEngage – say hello to 123 form builder

There are many alternatives to 123 Form Builder available on the market. However, one of the best 123FormBuilder alternatives is YouEngage.

Where 123FormBuilder falls short, YouEngage excels.

YouEngage is a cloud-based, online tool that helps you build attractive, interactive content such as quizzes, surveys, polls, calculators, live Q&A, and various question types.

All participants can take part using a mobile device or a desktop computer. Suitable for distance education, extra courses, assessment quizzes, and for any institution gathering customer feedback.

With YouEngage, you can not only create beautiful forms and surveys, but they offer an easy-to-use interface. For your form, you can always use the ready-to-go form template. It is also possible to create quizzes with or without questions using YouEngage.

You can use various options like dropdown questions, advanced questions, smartphone questions, and business surveys. As a result, you are able to create forms that are highly responsive using our platform.

Besides adding multimedia content (videos and images), the YouEngage platform allows you to share quizzes via social media. There is also an option to share your content by displaying the QR code or by sharing a link.

You may also monitor the performance of your quizzes using quiz analytics, which is very detailed. And honestly, it’s a really important feature.

YouEngage integrates with tools such as Google Tag Manager, HubSpot, Google Sheet, Airtable Slack, Mailchimp, and so on.

Moreover, it provides the customer with excellent customer service. Our platform offers you a chatbot and GDPR compliance to provide users with data protection.

To determine if you want to collaborate with YouEngage, we have included a 14-day free trial.

Moreover, YourEngage provides four unique plans that are very affordable.

So, how about 123 Form Builder?

By using virtual form software, you can create compelling content that keeps users engaged and makes them return. Using quiz software allows you to track your users’ progress, enabling you to identify what content resonates with your audience and what doesn’t.

And that’s a wrap!

We hope you found this blog post helpful. Both 123FormBuilder and YouEngage should be more familiar to you by now. Further, you know how to choose an online form and survey builder.

You are also familiar with the information on why the usage of 123FormBuilder as it is not the best possible solution you could go for. In contrast, you know why a better option to choose may be YouEngage, as a cost-effective, feature-rich tool.

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