Marketing surveys are becoming more and more popular in terms of promotion, improvement and building your business. A form designer can help you with such actions.

We will show you how you can define a form designer, why it is important and what promising tool asserts you the best experience; for you and your customers.

What is the form designer?

Form builder is software that enables you to create and manage forms, surveys, quizzes and many more. This tool collects the most critical data about customers, research participants or employees. Gathering information helps you to manage other decisions, projects and innovative products or services. 

Also, it might be helpful in the case of measuring customers’ and employees’ satisfaction. Form designers hold particular numbers of templates and themes, but behind that seems to hide more benefits from using them. Let’s have a look at some examples.

Why should you design marketing surveys with a form designer?

Now when you know all about the definition of form design, we will give you a more significant overview of its features and why it is worth choosing in the case of design marketing.

Multiple themes and templates to choose

With various templates and themes, you can find the right one for the type of survey and it will cost you just a few clicks. For example, surveys measuring customer satisfaction will slightly differ from those measuring customer experience in each hotel, restaurant or online shop. 

With multiple choices, you can customize surveys to the topic. Even if you choose one template, you can always put some edits to make it more suitable. For example, the proper graphics design seems more attractive to the customers and attracts their attention more.

Numerous integrations

Form designers can integrate with numerous systems and tools, which is beneficial while working in a team. You don’t have to worry about a lack of access to some areas of your projects. It’s also possible to handle your team’s permission levels, for example, using Impexium.

You will easily share surveys, analyses, reports and all the data related to polls with other team members. Integrations allow combining projects with other applications, leaving you with a larger area to operate.

Engaging your audience

Choosing alternative content is one of the ways that help boost customers’ engagement. Various surveys enable you to measure their satisfaction, see what they expect from you, and know which features seem promising and only cause some errors. It makes you more remembered, original and outstanding from the competition. If you ask users about their opinion, you show how important and relevant they are to the organization.

How do you choose the right form designer for your business and surveys?

Currently, we have various variants of designer forms. Each of them differs from the other in such things as price, features or interface functionality. So let’s look at how individual aspects can be critical, while choosing other form builders.

Intuitive interface

When choosing the best form designer, you need to focus on its functionality. First, ask yourself if the interface is understandable for you. The form designer should be easy-to-use.

A confusing interface might develop further errors and frustration in you. In the case of a problematic interface, you should look for tutorials, but not every tool will have them. A user-friendly interface helps you maximize your efficiency because it makes work faster and easier.  

Appropriate price

Let’s be honest here; no one likes to overpay for things that won’t make essential changes in their business. So, you need to consider various designer forms, comparing features to their prices. Some of them can be equipped with functions you don’t need, and the price is very high. So, before choosing the most mainstream form design, think of the actual worth for your company in case of purchasing one. Also, if the web forms have a free day trial, use it before putting your money into the useless tool.

User reviews

If you think about opinions, there is nothing better than other customer reviews and testimonials. Each web form builder will promote itself as the great one, even the best.

 But be more competent, and evaluate other users’ thoughts, pointing out their cons and pros. Pay particular attention to the dark side of software; the lack of some functions might be crucial later.

Essential features

Compare features that each form designer can offer you with critical functions you need. Then, carefully analyze the elements presented and compare the tool’s plans at its disposal.Thanks to it, you will be sure that the purchase will meet your expectations.

For example, the form designer may not have the integrations you care about the most. Find out if the function of editing and sharing your projects is advanced enough and adequate to your needs.

Why is YouEngage your best online form builder?

YouEngage is an online form builder that enables you to use maximum creativity, equipping you with various templates and themes to customize. What’s more, the tool will support engaging your audience and help you get to know them with unlimited forms.

With YouEngage, you can create forms like: quizzes, surveys, contact forms, adjusting them to preference. The tool allows for creating surveys that measure customer satisfaction. Thanks to user-friendly clients’ opinions, you can spread your company’s wings. 

You can develop new marketing strategies or improve products concerning their users’ suggestions. Interactive tools help you to increase traffic to your website. You can directly upload leads and data to marketing platforms. This form designer offers you a 14 free day trial for every three plans. It also has a basic free version.

YouEngage features

After this quick introduction to this web form builder, it’s time to show you particular features that are the most important in the case of online forms.

User-friendly interface

YouEngage is very easy to use. When creating a quiz or other form involving users, first you click on” add new project “. After that, you choose which template is the most suitable for you.

form designer youengage

source of image: YouEngage

Then, you can pick your question types: multiple-choice, rating, slider, custom forms, picture choice and many more. You can easily customize your surveys by adding a little contrast, brightness or sharpening. Finally, you’re ready to publish it. YouEngage offers you a quick how-to tutorial if you feel lost or confused.

Real-time engagement

You don’t have to limit your creativity only to your website. You can add surveys and quizzes to live webinars. It’s a perfect way to engage your audience during a long lecture and gather data.

In that way, you keep them interested in a topic and show that their opinion means something. Participants can vote, ask questions and much more directly on webinars.

youengage interface

source of image: YouEngage

Then you quickly collect data, putting it into detailed analysis. What’s more, conferences, meetups and panel discussions can be carried out in precisely the same way.

Marketing speed

With YouEngage, you transfer your lead and data from interactive content much faster than you think. You can smoothly use those statistics to analyze business decisions or strategies further.

All the data you obtained from quizzes, surveys, and online pools will be provided to you as soon as possible. Such automated marketing allows you to maintain fluid and personalized communication.

Engaging content

The online form builder offers you multiple types of web form to connect with clients, for example form submissions. On YouEngage, we can find quizzes, surveys, live engagement, online pools, forms and questionnaires. Each of them can fulfill a different role. 

youengage example

source of image: YouEngage

For example, you can use surveys to recommend products and feedback forms to measure customer and employee satisfaction. In addition, quizzes can generate and profile your potential customers.

And the best form designer is…

When choosing designer forms, we need to specify a few things, such as functions, price and ease of use of the interface.

Online form builders allow you to achieve a high level of customer involvement, improve existing products and drive towards new business decisions or strategies. YouEngage seems an excellent option for people who value customization and creativity in form builder.

It includes many features in real-time, allowing for quick actions that increase work efficiency. With YouEngage, you can build powerful online forms. It also leaves enormous scope for use in the form of several possibilities of contact with the client. 

Youengage is simple and fast to use and offers you short training in case of any doubts. So, choose from different kinds of online payments and let’s create forms.

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