When looking for a quiz tool to create quizzes, you may come across this rather unknown solution called Quiz It. This tool itself is rather mysterious as there aren’t any reviews of it to be found online…

So we accepted the challenge and decided to have a deeper look at this software – all so you don’t have to.

If you were considering subscribing to it before, hold on for just a few more minutes. You may want to change your mind.

Shall we begin? Let’s jump right in.

What is Quiz It?

Quiz It is a simple live quiz platform to create quizzes. The tool was launched back in 2020. Since then, it looks like it hasn’t changed or innovated much. There is little information available about its developers. What’s more, it’s rather impossible to find any reviews of this quiz software.

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5 things you didn’t know about Quiz It

In case you’re considering Quiz It as your main choice for creating quizzes, here’s 5 things that we think you should know about this tool before signing up:

The free version of Quiz It is very limited

First of all, if you’re looking to use just the free version of the tool, you’ll quickly want to get more. That’s because the free version of QuizIt is rather limited. 

You can only create 10 questions per round and you can’t have more than 5 players at once. This makes it impossible for a large group of people to join, for example a class of students. 

The paid versions remove these restrictions and give you more features. However, there’s still not many of them compared to other solutions out there. 

We recommend upgrading to a paid version for just a few dollars a month, only when you think that using QuizIt is necessary. 

What £21.99/month gives you at Quiz ItWhat $19/month gives you at other providers*
music and picture roundsunlimited playsunlimited questions200 players per game2.500 responses per month500 event participantsLive polls and Q&AUnlimited projects and eventsCustom themes and colorsEmbed anywhereAnswer scoringInstant answer feedbackAssign values for scores and calculationsCustom thank you screenMultiple results screensResponses & AnalyticsData Export (xls)Live video integrationZapier integrationLogic JumpsCustom variablesExit links & redirectsEvents moderationHubspot integrationSALESmanago integration

The pricing doesn’t offer much flexibility 

Quiz It is a great tool for those who want to create really simple quizzes. However, their pricing doesn’t offer much flexibility to users. 

In fact, there are just 3 different pricing plans: 1 of which hasn’t even properly launched yet (the premium one). That leaves just 2 options, 1 of which is the aforementioned free, highly limited one.

The other, paid option, costs 2.99 pounds per month – which isn’t too bad. But if you need more than 15 players and 40 questions, you’re out of luck. “I’ll just upgrade then” – you may think. Well, no, you won’t. That’s because it’s currently the only paid plan offered by QuizIt. As we mentioned, the other one is yet to be released.

Overall, Quiz It’s pricing could be more flexible and varied  in order to appeal to a wider range of users. As it stands now, their plans don’t seem designed with the customer in mind – especially those who want to use this tool frequently or for multiple purposes.

Quiz It’s pricing plans:Other quiz software’s* pricing plans:
FreeEssentials Monthly £2.99 monthlyPremium (coming soon) £21.99 monthlyFreeStarter $19 monthlyProfessional $49 monthlyBusiness $149 monthlyCustom plan (custom quote)

The features are very basic

Quiz It is definitely not the most exciting quiz software on the market, mainly because its features are really basic. Compared to other providers, QuizIt doesn’t offer anything extra in terms of features or functionality. However, what it does offer is a simple and straightforward way to create quizzes for any purpose.

If you’re looking for a no-frills quiz tool that will get the job done without any bells and whistles, then Quiz It is worth considering. 

Its ease of use makes it ideal for anyone who wants to create a quiz quickly and easily, without having to worry about complex features or settings.

However, there is nothing about QuizIt that would tickle a quiz geek’s fancy. All in all, it’s just a very basic tool, and there are no new innovations to be seen in the future based on our research. 

Features you get with Quiz It’s most premium planFeatures you get with other solution’s* most premium plan
music and picture roundsunlimited playsunlimited questions200 players per game“plus much more”25.000 responses per month5000 event participantsLive polls and Q&AUnlimited projects and eventsCustom themes and colorsEmbed anywhereAnswer scoringInstant answer feedbackAssign values for scores and calculationsCustom thank you screenMultiple results screensResponses & AnalyticsData Export (xls)Live video integrationZapier integrationLogic JumpsCustom variablesExit links & redirectsEvents moderationHubspot integrationSALESmanago integrationWebhooksRemove YouEngage brandingGoogle Tag Manager trackingPriority SupportCustom DomainBuy additional responses

There are no additional resources

Moving on, there are no additional resources offered by the quiz software called Quiz It. 

This fact puts this tool at a disadvantage. 

This is because there are other solutions out there, for instance YouEngage, offering plenty of resources. Examples may include a help center, blog, affiliate program, e-books, guides and more.

If you’re looking for a quiz solution that offers lots of helpful resources to get you started and keep you going strong, then QuizIt is not the right tool for you. There are better options available that will give you the support and guidance you need to create successful quizzes that attract many users.

youengage for quiz it


There is no user support in sight

Last but not least, let’s have a closer look at Quiz It’s customer support.

The reality is that there is absolutely no user support in sight offered by Quiz It. 

This means that if you subscribe to Quiz It and come across any issues with it, there’ll most likely be nobody to help you solve them. Even though the company has a Twitter profile (very inactive, but at least it’s there), you cannot even message their account. 

What’s more, a customer support email address is nowhere to be found. This fact is really discouraging. It’s also a sign that QuizIt is not the best software quiz for you.

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What is better than Quiz It? YouEngage as your Quiz It alternative 

Now you know the weak sides of QuizIt. So the question is: what could be better?

The answer is YouEngage – a tool designed to create interactive experiences that convert. 

Among solutions like surveys, online assessments and calculators, you’ll of course also find the option to create quizzes: both live and asynchronous. 

Let’s have a look at how YouEngage compares to Quiz It:

YouEngageQuiz It
attractive free plan with 100 responses, 100 events participants and unlimited events monthlylimited free plan with just 10 questions per quiz
flexible and varied pricing plans, with special discounts for teachers stiff and basic plans
attractive quiz features, such as custom thank you screen, multiple results screens, responses & analytics, data export (xls), live video integration, zapier integration and more.basic, unvaried quiz features
plenty of additional resources for both subscribers and non-subscribers, including a blog, guides, templates, help center, affiliate program and moreno resources to help an user, besides an inactive Twitter profile.
priority support available in selected plans, live chat, e-mail address and active  profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.no user support

With YouEngage, you can be sure that your quizzing journey will be off to a great start: both as a quiz maker and quiz taker. 

quiz it alternative


And because we don’t like throwing words to the wind, we believe you should check if we’re telling the truth on your own. How? Simply check our tool out for free and fall in love with the process of creating quizzes. 

Happy quizzing!

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed reading this article on QuizIt as much as we enjoyed putting it up together for you.

As you could see, QuizIt is a really simple and not-so-modern quiz software. Despite its simplicity, it has some obvious limitations that may meet with a lack of interest amongst quiz takers, such as students or your employees (see here: 15 hacks to improve survey completion rate).

If you’re looking for something more innovative to engage your audience at a maximum level, you need something different. 

Our suggestion is YouEngage – a tool that will completely change your perception of quizzes forever.

Other than that, we invite you to take advantage of more of our resources we’ve prepared for you. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Thanks for your attention and happy quizzing!

Why Quiz Marketing matters?

One of the common marketing mistakes is to avoid quizzes in a marketing strategy. And since quizzes can path the roadmap to business agility, as well as business transformations, they should be taken into consideration. As this marketing tool is an adaptable business technology, you can customize them to increase customer engagement or boost email outreach efforts.

Why should I add Quiz It to my marketing plan? 

You don’t have to do it – there are other quiz makers that can help you achieve your business goals and structure your business culture. Each correct answer brings your potential customers closer to your business. Check customer reviews of Youengage and make informed decision, and then start creating amazing quizzes with ready-made questions in seconds.  

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