While working in marketing, choosing a suitable quiz form might be essential. Many marketers decide to direct their attention to them, because of its many benefits, for example, effectively engaging the audience. Quizzes are a great marketing strategy that improves social media attendance and helps generate more leads. It’s vital to have a proper approach to quiz marketing. Buzzfeed seems to be one of the top players in this aspect, but not the only one. Let’s see how Buzzfeed Quiz Maker works and what alternative we propose to consider.

What is the BuzzFeed quiz?

Trying to define the meaning of the BuzzFeed test, we can easily say that it’s simply a personality quiz from many aspects. Mainly these types of quizzes contain different forms of questions connected to preferences, likes and choices.

Buzzfeed has unlimited quizzes and they are distinguished because you can get highly personalized results based on the data you present to them.

 Buzzfeed offers quizzes related to movies, actors, celebrities, geography, current trends and many more. In popular types of questions, we can find:

  • Open-ended
  • Multiple Choice
  • Polls
  • Yes or No

source of image: Buzzfeed

Personal experience is one of the essential things for Buzzfeed. You can start by making simple quizzes and make them viral quizzes.

What are the benefits of the BuzzFeed quiz maker?

Engaging audience

Maintaining relationships with your clients is the key to a successful business. It’s important to keep surprising them with new ideas and exciting graphics.

Creating personalized quizzes, for example, assessment quizzes will help to innovate them. Quiz takers like to feel attached to the brand, so they are willing to return for a second purchase.

buzzfeed quiz maker

source of image: Buzzfeed

With Buzzfeed, you ensure their attention is constantly focused on the company by asking them the right quiz questions. Also, don’t forget to check quiz reviewers. 

Intuitive in using

Buzzfeed is a hassle-free tool; users find its interface simple and intuitive. Buzzfeed-style quiz is mainly about dragging and dropping selected items into the editor.

 You can create multiple question types and it seems to be a unique advantage because it affects the speed and quality of your work.

Advanced analytics

Reports and analytics are an integral part of your work if your goal is to maintain control over your activities and improve them.

 Thanks to the obtained analytical data, you can check what serves your company and what should even be excluded.

buzzfeed quiz maker stats

source of image: Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed offers an Outgrow Analytics tab to make this task easier by giving you access to the details of each quiz.

Online lead generation options

Online quiz makers will quickly expand your market and followers and generate more business opportunities.

Maybe generating leads isn’t apparent in quizzes, but it is one of the most critical advantages.

Also, building awareness through leads has never been more accessible. Reputable companies often benefit from lead generation.

How to choose the best quiz maker?

Nowadays, we have various types of quiz builders, so choosing one might be a challenge. What should you consider when choosing?

First, you need to pay attention to its interface if it’s effortless to use. It’s essential because you will probably not be the only person using it. Don’t waste your team’s time for extended training.

It’s worth checking if a quiz tool has a tutorial on how to use it.

Then, look at the pricing policy; no one likes to overpay for tools that won’t make critical changes and meet their expectations.

Maybe some of the features will be unnecessary, even though the tool is mainstream in pop culture. Carefully examine all the features that the quiz maker provides and compare them to your needs.

Last but not least is the users’ reviews. Who will know better than the other user, right? So be competent, and evaluate each quiz review and statement about the tool.

And finally, check out the free trial version (if there’s one) or the cheapest plan and test it yourself.

YouEngage: the most advanced alternative to BuzzFeed

YouEngage is an online quiz software with advanced features that enables you to create unlimited content by quizzes, forms, online pools, live engagement and many more.

With YouEngage, you use the maximum amount of creativity with multiple quiz templates and themes to choose from and customize. The worst quiz makers are ones that lack customization options that can lead to many difficulties.

Interactive content quickly increases traffic on the website, measures customer satisfaction and engages your audience by giving them the best publishing experience. 

youengage buzzfeed

source of image: YouEngage

 It offers you a free 14-day trial for every plan it provides. YouEngage offers multiple quiz types, such as: 

  • Multiple choice quiz
  • Slider-type quiz
  • Short text quiz
  • Picture choice quiz
  • Long text quiz

 The whole process of creating is easy, thanks to a wide range of quiz formats.

Why should you choose YouEnagage over Buzzfeed Quiz Maker?

Why do we consider YouEnagage as a solid alternative to Buzzfeed Quiz Maker? Let’s start by pointing out its gamut of features. The tool has multiple templates to choose from, many of which are free.

This online quiz maker software is intuitive; thanks to this, you won’t need any special training. Moreover, this form builder offers a wide range of advanced integrations, for example, Zapier, Unsplash Hubspot and Google Tag Manager.

Direct integrations will help you look after the data you need.

Youengage buzzfeed quiz maker alternative

source of image: YouEngage

YouEngage is a very secure, GDPR-compliant platform that ensures the security of your and other users’ data.

This survey builder offers an app for other devices that allows the creation of mobile quizzes and sharing your content piece.

This is an excellent teamwork tool for social media agencies, advertising specialists, and digital marketers in general. 

It offers advanced reports and data analysis,  thanks to which you can measure the performance of your quizzes and use the acquired information for future business decisions or new marketing strategies.

YouEngage allows for effective customer acquisition and doesn’t limit you and your creativity by offering decent customization options. It enables you to create even the most complex quiz types.

You can create live events and stand out from the competition. The smoothness of the platform ensures easy and pleasant work.

How to create a quiz with YouEngage?

Let us introduce you to how to use the simple quiz maker with only three steps. 

  • Sign in

Before using this form builder, the main thing you need to do is sign in. It will take you a few seconds, and you’re ready to work!

  • Design quiz

First, you must click on add a new project and then pick the type of quiz you want to make. You can ask a series of questions. 

However, think about which one is most suitable for your needs and which engages your community the most.

In this step, you can choose from multiple interactive content templates. Pick your theme and quiz layouts, customize the font, change colors and add background images. 

With enough exciting visualization, you can be sure to attract more audiences and create a successful quiz. 

  • Share it

You are almost there! Now you can click on the Share tab and select the channel you want to share your quiz.

Then, use social sharing buttons. You can choose QR code or a URL address and place it directly on your website or social media profile.

 Additionally, if you pay special attention to data analysis, you can check the Analytics tab, where you will find:

  • quiz responses,
  • outcome quiz
  • views,
  • average time spent,
  • visitors per month,
  • times taken,
  • completion rates,
  • shares.

So, how about BuzzFeed Quiz Maker?

Before choosing your one from multiple online quiz maker tools, you need to consider various things. Of course, Buzzfeed is one of the strong players in this category, but it’s worth considering other quiz creators.

YouEngage is a new form builder that helps you generate leads, look for potential clients, and, most importantly, engage your audience. It’s a great way to increase efficiency and track your customers in real-time.

Online quizzes with YouEngage are simple and fast to use, making it more productive and effective. This marketing software enables you to achieve higher customer satisfaction and involvement and improve your new products. It’s essential that the generation tool has advanced customization options to create powerful quizzes.

So, pick one of the online quiz tools and let’s check user experience and which of their expectations you have met. Quiz creation has never been easier. 

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