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When it comes to quiz makers, it’s hard to make a decent roundup without mentioning Interact. There’s a good reason for this – they’ve been around for a while and it’s one of the best-known quiz tools out there. Launched in 2013, it rose to the very top of this small but crowded niche in marketing. However, many things have changed in the past 9 years and while some Interact features were groundbreaking at the time, the competition is stiffer than ever before. Does Interact still hold its weight and how does it compare against newer, more modern alternatives? Today, we give you our full review of Interact quizzes for 2022.

What is Interact? About Interact Quizzes

Interact or Tryinteract is one of the oldest and best-known quiz builders. It allows you to make different types of quizzes with one main purpose: to generate new qualified leads for your business. While other quiz builders also allow different content formats for education and other uses, Interact is a simple quiz maker. It is primarily a marketing tool for businesses that want a new channel for customer acquisition with a personality quiz, for example.

During the years, Interact stood out among the competition for many reasons, but two of them are crucial for the success of the app. First, the intuitive interface and ease of use and second, the sheer number of quiz templates – 800+ for different use cases and a wide range of quiz formats.

Having said that, there are some aspects of Interact that aren’t so impressive, such as the pricing and the outdated design, but we’ll cover those details in a minute.

interact quizzes review

Interact quizzes & user interface

We have to be honest here – Interact is fairly easy to use. Everything looks intuitive enough and even if you never used this type of software before, you’ll have an easy time getting started. 

On the other hand, the UX isn’t as slick as you might expect from a SaaS application in 2022. For example, YouEngage has a much modern and intuitive look and feel which your quiz takers might expect from a high-profile online quiz app.

Moving on, Interact gives you three main choices when you want to start a quiz:

  1. Assessment quiz
  2. Personality quiz
  3. Scored quiz

These are the three main types of quizzes that you can create in the app. If you don’t know which one to take, you can grab one of the many templates we’ll talk about in a minute.

Naturally, the only way to send these quizzes to your target audience is online, so you’ll basically generate a piece of code that you can embed into your website or create a popup that works somewhat independently.

You can create customizable quizzes for the sake of fun but it’s even better when the quiz generates results. At the end of each quiz, you can add a lead generation quiz form to capture your audience’s details, such as email address, phone number and more. You can also create quiz result segments for different types of audiences.

While you can customize the quiz quite a bit (with custom fonts, colors, images and more), the lead gen form is rather basic and doesn’t leave you with many customization options.

Creating and mapping out quiz questions to outcomes is simple enough and you don’t need previous experience to understand this part of building a quiz. Although the UX is a bit dated, it’s actually pretty easy to add new kinds of questions and tie them to an outcome you want.

If you want to mix things up a little bit, you can try using branching visual logic, which is surprisingly easy to work with in an Interact quiz. The builder allows you to simply “draw” branches between different questions so that you can understand how the visual logic works even if you never had any experience with this type of quiz before.

Assessment quizzes are a good way to grade the knowledge of your students or course attendees and this feature works fairly well in Interact. However, we would argue that for this type of quiz usage, Interact is fairly expensive.

Last but not least, you may be interested in white labeling, especially if you don’t want to build quizzes for yourself and you’d like to do it for your clients. White labeling is an option in Interact but only if you purchase one of the more expensive plans that start at $53 per month.

The quiz templates

One of the major upsides to using Interact is the sheer volume of templates that you can start from. At the moment of writing, there are more than 800 different templates divided into different use cases. Some examples include:

  1. Education quizzes
  2. Jewelry quizzes
  3. Productivity quizzes
  4. Lifestyle quizzes
  5. Knowledge quizzes

And many, many others. Here’s an example of what you can find in the skin care quiz template section:

In each template, you can open it and view the landing page, as well as use the template for your own quiz. 

You can actually take the quiz yourself and get the results, which is a nice touch. The great thing about these premade templates is that you can just change the logo and name (if you’re on the right plan – but more on that later) and you can create a quiz in a few minutes.

However, there is no explanation to why these templates were chosen – whether they perform really well or if they’re based on quizzes used by actual Interact customers. In any case, the templates are a great starting point but don’t just use them as is without making any changes. There are decent customization options so making changes in these lead-generating quizzes is not a big deal.

You can give the premade templates a spin before even signing up for a free trial of Interact, which we would strongly recommend. While the interface of the quizzes looks pretty good, it may feel outdated if you’re into slick custom design and motion effects. The templates also come with legitimate questions and answers so you can find out what your stress score is, among other things – there is a legitimate correct answer option for each question.

The number and selection of premade templates remains one of the strongest points of using Interact for your quizzes and no other tool can match it in this department. All templates work on different platforms too, so you can create mobile quizzes easily.

interact quizzes comments

The integrations within interact quizzes

Quizzes on their own are great but what you do with the information after the quizzes is even more important. While letting your customers have fun is the ultimate goal for them, you’re more interested in making some sales, and this is precisely where integrations for quiz builders help.

At the moment of writing, there are 37 available direct integrations in Interact, most of them for marketing automation and email marketing tools. This makes sense as when you collect the emails from your personality quiz, your ultimate goal is to add them to your marketing tools and pipelines.

The integrations themselves work pretty well and if you can’t find something in the list of readily available tools, you can easily connect it with Zapier.

The problem is that you’re very limited with your choice of native integrations in the cheapest plan. Out of the 37 available integrations, you only get access to 17. While that’s bad news, Zapier is included in those 17 so you do get some flexibility.

The more expensive Growth plan adds another 4 on top of the “basic” 17, making a total of 21 integrations. In other words, to get access to all the advanced integrations you may need, you’re forced to upgrade to the Pro plan at $125 per month. If you’re lucky enough to have your favorite tool set in the basic 17, you’re good to go. If you need the advanced integrations, get your wallet ready.

Interact pricing tiers

Like many other quiz builders, Interact offers a free trial that you can use to get a taste of the app before committing to a paid plan. Within the free trial, you can create as many quizzes as you want and get as many quiz answers as you desire. However, you cannot collect any leads (email and other information), which kind of defeats the purpose of a free trial.

Don’t worry though, because you can try the cheapest paid plan (Lite) for free, after which it costs $17 per month. In this plan, you can also create unlimited quizzes and collect unlimited answers, but you can also collect leads.

However, you can only collect up to 60k emails per year, or 5,000 per month. If you have a large business with plenty of visitors per month, this may be too little for you. The bigger issue is that in this plan, you don’t get custom branding, so all your quizzes will be Interact branded. The worst of all is that you don’t get conversion tracking and advanced analytics, so you can’t track where your conversions come from and what people do with your quizzes. To get this job done, you need to look through Google Analytics, which isn’t a huge deal but it is an extra step.

Practically, you get all the best features only in the Growth ($53 per month) and Pro ($125 per month) plans. We have to mention that these are annual prices – if you want to have month by month payments, it gets even more expensive.

When you compare this with other quiz tools out there, Interact is actually not cheap at all and many competitors provide more value with better pricing tiers. The basic plan offers just that, the very basics, while the more expensive plan is quite a lot more expensive than the competition.

Speaking of which…

What to try instead of Interact Quizzes?

You may like the ease of use of Interact but dislike the pricing, the lack of integrations in the entry plan or something else that other quiz builders have. You could try out Google Forms, Typeform quiz maker or some other survey builder but you’ll quickly realize that they’re missing the advanced features that Interact offers. Since they’re not really built for the job, they’ll give you a broken quiz experience that no quiz pro will be happy with.

Well, no worries – you can try YouEngage instead!

interact quizzes alternative

Unlike Interact, YouEngage allows you to create different forms of content, such as:

  1. Quizzes
  2. Surveys
  3. Forms (capture form, opt-in form)
  4. Calculators
  5. Assessments
  6. And more

It’s very intuitive and easy to use and the builder is just a much more pleasant experience than Interact. Without any knowledge of code, you can create a variety of different content types including a personality quiz, lead-generation quizzes and more. While Interact is mostly focused on lead generation and top of the funnel, YouEngage has content that will improve your sales funnel metrics for customer engagement through each stage with customizable quizzes and more, all with improved conversion in mind.

While there are not as many templates as there are in Interact, you’ll find plenty to get started with or at least draw inspiration from. The styling options are more than enough to create a great lead generation form and there are additional design features compared to Interact.

YouEngage has a free trial where you can give all the features a spin, with 100 responses available per month. For quiz marketers, this should be enough to give you a taste of what you can expect in the paid plans, which start at $19 per month. You can try gamut of features in YouEngage without a steep price increase that Interact is known for.

The cheapest entry plan gives you unlimited quizzes, 2,500 responses per month, access to all integrations and visual logic jumps and the support for live engagement tools in videos, which are another part of YouEngage’s offer.  Other online quiz tools only focus one type of content while powerful quizzes are just a part of YouEngage’s offer.

Speaking of integrations, there aren’t as many as there are in Interact – 9 at the moment of writing. The great news is that Zapier is there and that you can use all integrations in all plans without any limitations. This includes integrations with popular email marketing software, allowing you to segment leads and capture them easily. Depending on your quiz usage, this will be more than enough to create captivating quiz entries and grab your customers’ contact data.

All in all, a much more competitive offer than an Interact quiz. Whether you want to create a descriptive quiz, a digital marketing quiz or you love Buzzfeed-style quizzes, we have it all. Sign up for a free trial today to see why we’re the number one Interact alternative out there for interact quizzes!

Create Interact Quizzes Today with Youengage

TryInteract is a powerful tool has been at the top of the quiz software game for years, but those days are long gone. While it does have a wealth of customizable templates, its simplicity and lack of a great pricing model will turn off many marketers today and make them look for more functional, cheaper alternatives for building a personality quiz and other types of entertaining quizzes.

Speaking of which, why not try YouEngage? Besides unlimited interact quizzes, we offer a large range of content types to engage your audience and capture more leads, all with a competitive pricing plan and a free trial. If you want to try an online quiz maker that gives you beautiful, custom-designed quizzes and a variety of quiz types, sign up for a free trial today!

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