How to make a Kahoot? Is Kahoot free? What even is Kahoot?

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Join us for today’s article on over 20 Kahoot questions you need to find out the answers to.

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What is Kahoot?

The Kahoot game is a learning platform based on playing online games of a quiz nature. Anyone can create these games. This tool is probably most commonly used by schools and other educational institutions. This is thanks to the teaching-friendly features.

The games can be accessed via the app or a web browser. Each game is a set of multiple-choice questions to be answered by quiz participants.

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But first… Kahoot’s pricing

Depending on your needs, that tools users can choose 1 out of 4 account types:

Here are some more details on each of them.

#1 Individual plans

In total, there are 4 plans within the individual plan category:

360 Standard: 

  • €17/ host/ month
  • max 20 session participants 
  • best for engaging small audiences

360 Presenter

  • €39/ host/ month
  • max 50 session participants
  • best for creating engaging presentations and workshops

360 Pro

  • €59/ host/ month
  • max 2000 session participants
  • best for events of all sizes and internal training

360 Pro Max

  • €79/ host/ month
  • max 2000 session participants
  • best for various events and webinars, as well as showcasing your brand in external training sessions

#2 Team plans

In total, there are 4 plans within the team plan category:

360 Presenter for Teams

  • €29/ member/ month
  • max 50 participants with 3 licenses minimum
  • best for engaging presentations and workshops

360 Pro for Teams

  • €39/ member/ month
  • max 2000 participants with 3 licenses minimum
  • best for big events and training

360 Spirit 

  • €20/ member/ month
  • max 100 participants with 25 licenses minimum
  • best for account management and team collaboration

360 Spirit Premium

  • €25/ member/ month
  • max 2000 live participants with 25 licenses minimum
  • best for creating fully branded enterprise solutions

#3 Enterprise plans

In total, there is 1 plan within the enterprise plan category and it’s completely customizable to your needs.

With this plan, you can:

  • engage your employees in training, meetings, presentations, 
  • take advantage of robust enterprise-grade security, and
  • connect with all employees across your company.

For more specific details on this particular plan, you’ll have to get in touch with Kahoot’s sales team.

#4 One-time event plans

In total, there are 3 plans within the one-time event plan category:

Event Bronze

  • €250
  • 1 event with a maximum of 100 attendees
  • unlimited Kahoots

Event Silver

  • €500
  • maximum of 2000 attendees with all types of questions
  • unlimited Kahoots

Event Gold

  • €750
  • maximum of 2000 attendees with a customized onboarding session
  • unlimited Kahoots

How to make a Kahoot? This and +20 other questions answered

👉General questions 👈

This section answers some general questions about the popular online quiz tool Kahoot.

  1. What is Kahoot?

The Kahoot game is a learning platform based on playing online games of a quiz nature. Anyone can create these games. This tool is probably most commonly used by schools and other educational institutions. This is thanks to the teaching-friendly features of Kahoot.

  1. Is Kahoot free? 

It may be free, but only for certain groups: teachers and students. For other types of use, those wishing to use it will have to get a subscription plan. Currently, there are 4 plan categories available, with even more plans within them. Anyone looking to use Kahoot can find something for themselves.

  1.  How do I create a Kahoot account? 

Signing up for it is a relatively simple process. All you have to do is go to their website and go through all the steps of registration. You will be asked for information like your desired account type, date of birth, username, email address and password. And it’s done: your account will be created.

  1. What age group is it suitable for? 

According to some sources and reviews, the Kahoot platform is too difficult for children under 6. What’s more, parental guidance is recommended up to the age of 15 years old. This is because of the online connectivity and interaction with other online players.

👉Kahoot in education questions👈

Have some questions about this tool and how it relates to education and learning? This is the section for you!

  1.  How can Kahoot be used in the classroom? 

Teachers can create their own Kahoot quizzes by choosing from a variety of topics, which are then broken down into different difficulty levels. They can also customize the appearance of the app by adding their own branding and colors. To play in the classroom, all they need is a device with internet connection. Same for their students – game participants.

  1.  What are the benefits of using Kahoot in education?

Some say Kahoot’s benefits are endless when it comes to education. It provides an engaging way for students to learn and helps them retain information better. It also allows students to demonstrate their knowledge in front of the whole class, making it easier for the teacher to identify what they need help with or what they have mastered.

  1.  How do you use Kahoot to evaluate student learning? 

It is a quiz game that may be used to measure student learning. Teachers can use it in the classroom and students can play it at home to test their knowledge. It’s a game-based platform that creates engaging learning experiences. Using it you can create quizzes, test mastery of concepts, and engage students in class discussions.

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👉Kahoot vs other quiz game tools questions 👈

Moving on, let’s explore Kahoot and how it performs compared to alternatives with the next few questions or so.

  1. What is the difference between Kahoot and other quiz software? 

There are many differences between Kahoot and other quiz software. Everything depends on what other tool you compare it to. The differences may lay in pricing, functionality, features, user experience, use cases and other. Ultimately, a lot depends on the other quiz software you want to measure it against.

  1. Is Kahoot better than YouEngage?

Short answer: no. Long answer: there are numerous reasons why Kahoot isn’t better than YouEngage. They relate to matters like synchronous vs asynchronous quizzes (available with YouEngage but not Kahoot), implementation, tools, integrations and possible use cases.

  1.  What makes Kahoot worse than YouEngage?

While there are many factors that make Kahoot worse than YouEngage. The first and most important one is that it only offers live quizzes, while YouEngage lets you create both live and standalone quizzes to embed anywhere. That’s a pretty big advantage for YouEngage.

  1. What makes Kahoot better than other quiz game tools?

When comparing Kahoot to other, paid solutions, the biggest advantage of it is that it’s free to use by students and teachers. Other than that, it isn’t that great. For this reason, it’s worth looking for an alternative solution to it. You can find out what your options are here.

👉Kahoot games questions👈

Are you interested in learning more specifics about Kahoot’s games? This is the right section of the article to be in!

  1. How do I create a Kahoot quiz? 

First, you have to sign in to your Kahoot! account and click on the “create” button in the top navigation bar. Next, choose “New kahoot”. Start creating your game and add from 2 to 4 answer options. Your progress will be saved automatically as you create. 

  1. How do I join a Kahoot game? 

To join a game, you need to go to or the app using a device like a computer or phone. Next, you need to type in a PIN that the quiz host shared with you. Once all players are in the game lobby, click Start. Players answer the questions they see on the shared screen with their devices.

  1.  How do I share a Kahoot game? 

Kahoot offers several sharing options for the games. Firstly, you can share Kahoots on social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Secondly, it’s also possible to share the games via email, Microsoft Teams, Remind and Google Classroom. That’s a pretty decent variety.

  1.  How do I find a Kahoot game? 

You can find Kahoot games to play in at least 3 different sources. Those are: your game host or creator who has the PIN, YouTube (from streamers like Steve Haines for example), and lastly the Kahoot Discord Bot.

  1.  How do I delete a Kahoot game? 

Deleting your Kahoot games is relatively simple! Just head to the Kahoots section on your account. Next, navigate to the folder where the game you want to delete is located and click on the three dots next to it, and select “delete”. And it’s done: your Kahoot is deleted!

  1. How do I play a Kahoot game? 

If you want to play a Kahoot game, firstly you will need some device to play on, like a phone, tablet or computer. Next, you have 2 options: playing through the website or through the original Kahoot! app. What’s more, to access any game, you’ll need a PIN. Once all of that is done, you’re ready to play!

  1. How do I add questions to a Kahoot game? 

Once you’ve started creating a Kahoot quiz game, it’s really easy to add more questions to your existing quiz. To do it, just click on the “add question” button from the level of creating a quiz. This way, you can add as many questions and question answers to your quiz as your subscription plan allows for.

  1. How do I add images to a Kahoot quiz? 

In the media box of a question, you can drag an image from your computer to upload an image. You can also upload an image by using the media button and browsing your computer. There can only be one image or video per question. For more specific details, it’s best you head to Kahoot’s official website on this topic. 

  1.  How do I make a Kahoot game private? 

There are various game visibility options to choose from, depending on what folder you save it to: personal or team. Your Kahoots can be public, private or unlisted in a personal folder. When it comes to a team folder, they can belong to the organization or remain unlisted. Changing your Kahoot’s visibility is possible in the settings menu of a particular quiz, or in the Library tab.

  1.  How do I embed a Kahoot quiz into a website?

To embed a Kahoot game on a web page, you’ll need to get the embed code from the embed settings of your quiz. Then you just have to paste it into some iframe-supporting platform. A more detailed instruction can be found on this official website of Kahoot.

  1.  What are some examples of Kahoot games? 

Using Kahoot, quiz makers can create a wide range of games. Some examples are icebreaker games, back to school quizzes, anonymous voting, puzzle games and trivia. What’s more, it offers various game ideas, like Nasa, Disney Official and Da Vinci quizzes.  

  1.  What type of content can be included in a Kahoot? 

Answers to your questions can have a maximum of 75 characters. There can also be images and videos added to your questions. However, you can only add either one video or one image per question.

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What to choose instead of Kahoot?

Should you need a solution that will perform better than Kahoot, we got you covered.

Let us introduce you to YouEngage: a complex tool for creating various types of interactive and engaging quizzes, polls, surveys, assessments, calculators and more. 

create a menti alternatives

YouEngage is better than Kahoot for many reasons, and here’s some of them:

💪 Available tools

YouEngage offers much more than just quizzes. With one subscription plan, you can also design calculators, forms, assessments, live engagement tools, polls, surveys, and more.

💪  Implementation

While YouEngage offers a very wide range of tools to use, you don’t have to worry about the implementation process at all. All because it’s super easy. In contrast, Kahoot’s confusing and messy UI make this aspect more challenging.

💪 Synchronous vs asynchronous 

The Kahoot tool allows you to create live quizzes. In essence, you cannot engage your audiences outside of these live events with it. YouEngage, on the other hand, combines live & now with standalone engagements. Using it, you will create quizzes that are either live or non-live.

💪 Use cases

Teachers are the most frequent users, so its developers have tailored most features to fit their needs. The benefits of YouEngage go far beyond that, however. Specifically, it is ideal for publishers, media companies, marketing agencies, independent marketers of all niches, and pretty much anyone else.

how to make a kahoot alternatives


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Wrap up – so, how to make a Kahoot?

And that’s a wrap from our side!

We hope you enjoyed this article and found answers to the questions you were looking for. 

In case you’ve realized that Kahoot isn’t for you after all, we have an alternative waiting for you: YouEngage.

Be sure to give it a try and also don’t forget to check out our similar blog posts and more.

Thanks for your time and (hopefully) see you again soon!

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