We couldn’t be online more than we are in covid days. Just like that, from one day to another the whole world switched from office work to remote work. We work online, meet online, sign contracts online, we even party online these days. Interactions just like before are on every step of our lifestyle, but they turned from personal actions to online actions. Marketers did not have to wait long for the massive change in customer’s behaviors. Some statistics say that the progress in online sales happening right now would’ve happened in 5 to 10 years if not for the coronavirus pandemic. Customers literally want the same kind of experience they have had when in an offline store – but online! 

Covid’s challenge to marketers

Let’s face the truth, nobody was expecting what happened in 2020, so marketers were not! Data was never wanted more than nowadays. The sooner marketers start engaging their customers, the faster the revenue will come. So let’s put a few words on what exactly means engaging your audience and – putting aside all marketing language – it simply means treat your clients as your guests. If you invite someone to your house, you simply take care of your guest. Do the same with your clients. Ask opinions, answer fast to their questions, be kind, come up with a joke and make them feel special and loved. It’s that simple! 

Quizzes, polls and assessments increase engagement and conversion

If you run a facebook page of your company, you probably have already witnessed those posts with no likes, comments, and shares. Imagine, your ad or your facebook post is the invitation to a party (remember, I mentioned treating clients as your guests?) 

First, make them join you, pour them some wine, and show your beautiful house. Ask how they feel and make them feel comfortable.

Engaging does not mean a Q&A it’s more like an adult conversation with interesting conclusions. Quizzes and Polls can help you get to those conclusions. Use them wisely. A good host doesn’t ask 30 questions after saying “Hi” It’s more likely your customers will answer 3 questions once a week or two, rather than asking them to spend half an hour on your customer feedback poll. We’re overloaded by content, it’s everywhere – indoor, outdoor, on the bus, on your cell phone, but the only ones who care about content are marketers. Customers want answers and fun. Here is why.

  • Interaction is in human nature – We simply like to interact with others. Have fun, get involved, learn by doing. 
  • Having fun is a serious business – Have you ever wondered why most giant companies are those that produce games and fun? Just look at PlayBuzz, an Israeli company giving massive varieties on creating playful tools to create interactive and playful content types. Or this international phone number subpage that gathers a lot of types of content.

It’s time to stop wasting time on creating boring content and switch to creating engagement by giving your audience some fun that converts!

Create audience segmentation

Make it an experience rather than just a sale. Using interactive content is way beyond knowing your audience name and email. It can help you generate more information about your audience including their motivations, intentions, interests and preferences. You can gather this information to set up precisely targeted sales for each group and simply create an interactive experience. Interactive content generally brings more value than traditional content. With the rise of AI writing tools and rampant plagiarism, the need for unique content is more dire than ever. Interactive content allows you to add value by creating original content that readers love.

Add real value by using interactive content

Instead of an ad, build trust. By answering fast your customers on their most bothering questions on early steps in the buying process. Those who don’t convert on their first visit are more likely to use interactive content. Don’t put so much pressure on buying.  Make it more fun by helping your future customers to give you as much information as possible. Use interactive content to get those pieces of information out of your clients. 

As you can see creating interactive content doesn’t have to be that hard. Keep it short, keep it simple and soon you’ll see the results. 

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