How to make a quiz on Google Docs? Well, we can show you that today. Creating a quiz on Google Docs is a relatively simple process. Using the Forms tool, you create quizzes that are automatically graded. It can be a great way to assess student understanding or create practice quizzes for students – but it’s not always ideal. Today, we want to give you some ideas on making quizzes using Google Docs and show you why it is not always ideal. Finally, we would like to suggest a platform that may change your mind if you plan to use Google Docs for quizzes.

What is Google Docs?

Google Docs is one of the many tools provided by Google. This online word processor lets you create and edit texts and collaborate with other people with many format options. For example, you can modify text files by sharing your paper with anyone with an email address. 

How to make a quiz on Google Docs: ideas

Let’s dive into our guide on making a quiz in Google Docs.

#1 Use “Tables”

One of the methods of making a quiz is by using tables. But first, to create any type of document in Google Docs, you need to log in with the Gmail address. If you don’t have one, you should sign up. 

After signing up, you will access Google Workspace with various apps. For example, Docs, Sheets, Forms, and more.

google workspace

To make a quiz, open a Google Doc. Then, in a toolbar, choose Insert. It’s in the left corner. Now create a table with two columns and as many rows as you need. In the first column, write the question, and in the second column, leave the space for the answers. 

google docs preview

One of the simplest and fastest ways is to create a simple quiz where all the respondents write the answer in one document. To send it to the target respondent, you can share a link and change the setting so everyone can edit the text. 

Unfortunately, the experience of taking this type of quiz made in google docs may feel like filling in a dull form rather than taking part in something exciting and engaging. 

You can upload a picture referring to the quiz topic and change the fonts to keep everything in synch.

make a quiz on google docs tables

The main drawback is that everyone can edit the text, so there is a risk of someone canceling the answer by accident. Of course, you can see the version history, but it would be an additional task for you to go through and see what happened. Or, if you have time, you can make as many files as respondents and independently send the quizzes for each respondent. But it seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

#2 Use “Lists”

Another option that you can use is by using lists in Google Docs. 

How to make a quiz using “Lists”?

Start a new document with a Blank document type. Next, choose the Lists icon in a toolbar. You can see checklists, bulleted lists, or numbered lists. The checklists type seems to be the closest to a quiz. Then, type a question title. Separate the answers options by clicking the enter button. Next, select text with a mouse or keyboard and click the checklist icon in a toolbar to make the answer choices a checklist. Remember about setting the answer key.

make a quiz on google docs twitter

What you need to know about the “Lists” quiz type

Unfortunately, if you want to make a quiz using lists, you need to check all the quizzes manually to see how many incorrect answers there are. No option for automatic grading here. It seems to take plenty of time, especially if you have many respondents. Another important issue – each respondent should have a separate document to be able to leave the correct answer, as in the case of the “Table” method.

💡 Google Docs Pro Tip: Use a template gallery to choose one and adjust as you need. There are no quiz templates in the gallery, but you can get some inspo and change the document to meet your quiz criteria.

#3 Use Google Forms

The Google Forms software is part of Google’s free, web-based editors suite. You can use it for quizzes. It is an intuitive tool that provides you with the features necessary to build and share the quiz.

How to use Google Forms?

It’s pretty simple. First things first, you need to have a Google account. Then, open Google Forms and start typing your form questions in the question box. When you need to type the answers and point out the correct one, add as many questions as you want.

Features of Google Forms

It’s completely free of charge and relatively easy to distribute – as in the case of Google Docs. To share the quiz, copy the link and send it to get an individual response. However, it is not always an advantage. Embedding a quiz with Google Sites (another Google tool) is easy, but it is a bit harder in the case of other website types.  

digital marketing quiz example

Google Form is surprisingly intuitive. For example, after writing a question, you may get a suggestion from Google about the correct answer. But remember, it’s a good practice always to double-check the information. You never know, maybe something has already changed, and the data can be outdated in some cases. So it is still important to verify everything before sending it to the responders, even if the suggested answer seems to be correct.

Google Forms provides auto-grading quizzes to see the scores of the form responses right away. You can see who gave incorrect answers and who did well.

Although, actual form options do not allow customize form questions as much as other quiz builders. To edit the form you can choose the font, and its size, and change the background color. 

#4 Use Google Surveys

You can also build a quiz questionnaire, or simply a survey, whether it’s about restaurant management such as the supplier (e.g., Dean Supply) or something else, using Google Surveys. As the name suggests, it is a tool for surveys, but if you need to gather some more detailed information for a particular topic, it might work as well. 

It is a market research tool that collects data from survey questions. By answering, users can access quality content across the web. It suggests that you can research the opinions of consumers, obtain consumers’ feedback and measure your brand with the surveys.

How to use Google Surveys?

You also need here a Google account. Choose a Google Surveys app and choose New Survey. Then select a question type and enter the question text. Write responses in the answer field.

Before sending it to the respondents, you can preview how it looks on mobile devices, android apps, and desktops.

Features of Google Surveys

Gathering data on Google Surveys would work best for more prominent companies or organizations. However, it is not the best tool if you are a beginner. Indeed, it provides valuable information and insights, but Google Surveys works on a larger scale than for a class or lecture.

Why shouldn’t you run a quiz with Google Doc?

There are many reasons you shouldn’t run a quiz with Google Docs. First, it is not as simple to embed as the rest quiz makers offer it. When you are a marketer or an online store owner and want to embed the quiz on your website, Google Docs is not the most accessible option here. Quizzes are excellent in digital marketing – for example, they help choose the best product that meets customers’ criteria. Secondly, thanks to an embedded quiz on your website, you may get to know your target audience more. 

Additionally, an embeddable quiz lets your visitors, customers, or potential customers leave online feedback. With a suitable quiz, you get to know what your customer like about the product, service, or what they would improve – anything goes. So ask them what you care about and implement the improvements to satisfy your customers and generate leads.

The design of Google Forms or Google Docs is straightforward, and it’s also very recognizable. When you get a quiz generated in Google Form to take, you will know that it’s Google. However, it can be a disadvantage as well. Google Forms are viral and expected, and many people make quizzes using this tool. If you want it to be unique, it’s good to look around for another SaaS solution of a quiz maker with better customization. In you Google Doc you can change the color theme, font, its size and add a background picture.

It lacks analytics. To get some insights into a Google Docs quiz, you can use Google Sheets to get some info. Unfortunately, it is not so convenient. Some quiz makers have a native analysis engine to get in-depth analysis into your quiz.

There are no quiz types. Unlike other quiz makers, Google Forms provides a universal pattern for all quizzes. It is good to have a choice. The ready quiz types may be a great help and something that makes it easier and faster. 

It’s easy to get lost in Google Docs. There are many great edition tools and tones of possibilities for formatting the text – you can add headings, write with your voice, highlight some words, number each page with one click, enlist something in alphabetic order, etc. The list is endless that is why looking for the one feature you care about can take some time.  For example, you may want to view choice questions, add blank forms, or include a responses tab or drop-down menu – these may not be possible to complete in Google Docs. 

Except for Google Forms and Google Survey, you cannot make a single choice or multiple choice quiz. Instead, your respondents need to write down the answer. It might be a decisive factor for some to give up taking the quiz because it is not as fast to answer as some other quiz builders.

Make a quiz on Google Docs – or choose Youengage

With Google, you can create a decent quiz, but we want to show you the tool that will help you create an amazing one.

What is Youengage

Youengage is a quiz builder ideal for retail and ecommerce, marketers, publishers, media, marketing agencies, and also for individuals who want to engage the audience with interactive content, which is:

  • quizzes
  • surveys
  • calculators and assessments
  • forms 
  • and live engagement: live polls, live Q&A, and more 

youengage alternative to google docs quiz

Making content with Youengage is a piece of cake. Also, quizzes offer much more. With Youengage you can:

  • generate leads
  • evaluate your students’ knowledge 
  • obtain customers’ feedback
  • grow email lists
  • increase your social reach
  • understand your target audience

Why will Youengage work better for quizzes? 

Youengage is a platform for making quizzes or interactive content of this type. There are only the features necessary for building quizzes and no more distractors.

With youengage generating leads is simple. Interactive content allows Youengage users to build deep lead profiles. All the data grabbed through quizzes or polls let you understand your customers in a new way.

If you need a quiz for a class, Youengage allows making it in real-time. Then, after a revision with dynamic quizzes, you may share answers with your students and evaluate what they are good at and what to work on.

Compared to Google Docs, with Youengage you can choose a quiz type, so there is no need to build a quiz from scratch. But, of course, if you want to develop a quiz from the ground up, Youengage has a solid set of tools to do so. Thanks to Youengage me, making a quiz is a piece of cake and can be done in minutes. You need to choose a type of question, type them into the chosen template, and share it whenever you need.

make a quiz on google docs with youengage top features

Youengage is rich in fantastic quiz features. Here is our top of the top.

#1 Creating appealing designs 

With, you can design visually appealing quizzes at ease with many creation tools. You can choose a template and use it as it is or adjust to your need. For example, change the background, font, and color scheme, or add a gif to make it more personalized. Youengage offers a wide range of photos thanks to the photos gallery when you do not have a related background.

make a quiz on google docs alternative solution

#2 Easy embedding

Youengage content embeds very quickly, fast, and can be done in a few steps. There is no need to have coding skills.

#3 Getting quiz insights

If you use a quiz for more than school purposes, the insight may bring you much information about your respondents. Also, the data-driven insights are solid fundaments for a future change for your website, company, product, or service.

#4 Previewing on different devices 

It is an essential step before sending the quiz. Thanks to previewing, you can catch any typos and see what they would look like on smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

make a quiz on google docs alternative

#5 Live engagement

Live engagement allows you to interact with your audience during live events. Letting them be participants works for future lead generation. For example, to make an interactive presentation, you can do a live Q&A session to increase audience participation. This feature is great for lectures, online and in-person discussion panels, or real-time webinars. It allows for making brilliant presentations, engaging meetings, and enriching conferences. It is an additional tool that Google Docs lacks.

#6 Integrations integrates natively with Zapier, Hubspot, and Google Tag Manager. Also, it integrates with many other platforms for analyzing, reporting, marketing automation, and more!

#7 Suitable for university and work purposes

Unlike Google Surveys, Youengage is the right tool to work with smaller audiences and bigger ones as well. So whether you are a lecturer, a student, or a business owner, it works for all.

#8 You can choose any type of question you need

There are many answer options: multiple choice, slider, short text, picture choice type of question, etc. With Youengage quiz questions are not boring ideal for classroom quizzes and business meetings.

Don’t make a quiz on Google Docs…

Google Docs is an excellent tool for text editing but not as great at making quizzes. With Google Docs, you can make a fantastic resume, write letters and use it for work purposes – onboarding checklists, brochures, consulting agreements, etc. 

However, you will need more than a text editing tool to make an effective quiz. With creation of quizzes is easy and the quiz maker has many features that help you to: 

  • make it in a few simple steps 
  • reach the audience you want to reach
  • provide you with relevant insights about the quiz

Click here to sign up for a free trial, the best results, and an excellent experience for both you and your respondents.

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