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Benefits of Classroom Quizzes

No need to convince anybody about the benefits coming from testing students these days. Quizzes and tests have always been an inseparable part of teaching. However, in days of online learning, this type of testing knowledge has been given a new meaning in online schooling. Before the boom of online

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Why do eCommerce Stores need to use Quizzes

There is nothing extraordinary that marketers’ eternal desire is to increase sales and engagement on every step of the customer experience as e-commerce grows and develops. So the customers do, and this development affects both sides, e-commerce owners and consumers. Wanting to meet more customers’ individual needs, marketers must find

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10 tips on how to create an effective survey

Let’s focus on surveys today and on how to create an effective one that will work for your business. Thinking about a survey, the first thing that comes to mind is “boring and always too long” Agree, but when you learn how to create an interesting and sexy survey, you

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Why do you need to use interactive content?

We couldn’t be online more than we are in covid days. Just like that, from one day to another the whole world switched from office work to remote work. We work online, meet online, sign contracts online, we even party online these days. Interactions just like before are on every

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