Why do you need to start using calculators on your website? The answer is pretty straightforward. It’s a simple tool that can increase your audience engagement by 38% while the shareability rate of static content is only 17%. That’s quite a good reason why you should start using an interactive calculator on your website asap! 

Interactive calculators are a great way to make your visitors stay on your website for longer, and the best part is that it works across so many industries. Wondering if your company can start using one to give its customers instant calculation feedback? Trust me; IT CAN! Read this article to find out how you can create a no-coding calculator instantly.

If you’re still not convicted of the idea of using an interactive online calculator, here are a few reasons to help you to make a decision. 

Lead Generation

If you need one good reason to start using an interactive online calculator, it’s simply the qualified lead generation that you cannot afford to lose. Calculators provide specific personal solutions that your clients may be seeking. No matter the industry, if there is something your clients can calculate, give them a chance! Another reason why it’s so crucial for your company is because it’s saving clients and your time on calls and e-mails. A potential client can calculate the price of the wedding party, mortgage, education costs, and so much more. It can help estimate the price of a car, diet specifications, and everything that’s countable. 

Interactive calculators engage the audience! 

People love to share personal data, especially when it’s coming with a solution to something important for them. This is why interactive content is two times more shareable than static content. For example, if you are a car dealer, imagine a client sharing his calculations on social media asking his friends which one to pick? Now you see why using a calculator on your website is so important. 

Bring Value to your clients.

Practical solutions are what your clients are searching for. So coming up with solution tools is a great strategy to turn visitors into buying clients and makes the content shareable. 

Personal information. 

Clients who want instant calculation feedback are ready to share their data more likely. We’ve all been there, struggling with personal data gathering for so long. If you did so too, simply try our interactive online calculator and see how effortlessly your company can get valuable personal data and increase sales just like that! 

Ease customer experience

As quizzes help customers shorten the buying process once they get a personalized offer after filling a short quiz, calculators do the same to brunches where calculations and estimations rule the decision process. Giving your clients a possibility to calculate your company’s services or products is more than an invitation. It’s a sticking point to your services. 

BMI calculators

If you are a personal coach or a dietitian, you can use a calculator to let your clients check their BMI or daily diet costs based on your nutrition program. Then, within a few clicks, your clients can find out about their biological age and health condition. It’s crucial for you as a pro and an excellent way to collect personal data for personalized mailing. 

Pricing calculators 

People compare anything, especially prices! So, if your company sells baby strollers or organizes weddings, prices between many options are constantly being compared. So give your clients a chance to calculate their dream events or products before they think, “ It’s always too costly.” 

Here is a pretty easy example of how your clients can calculate wedding costs. 

Mortgage calculators

Everybody who ever thought about buying a house asked himself at least once about mortgage costs. It doesn’t matter if you are selling luxury mansions, middle-priced family houses, or even small mobiles (like Mobile Home Sell does), your clients are constantly comparing many options and permanently counting every penny before they make a buying decision. Likewise, your clients can estimate the costs with a home affordability calculator before they hit you on the phone if you’re running a real estate company or building houses with composite cladding (check more products at Ovaeda).

There is one more reason why you can’t ignore the power of calculation. The rare feeling of trust you build between your company and upcoming clients even before they contact you. It’s fair to know the personal payday loan costs; it’s fair to estimate the wedding costs, and people do appreciate it. So, build a calculator and build trust among your visitors and future clients.

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