A quiz can be so much more than just a fun way to engage your audience. And it seems like beauty brands know something about it. When entering an online beauty store, the first thing you see is a quiz that’s pleasing you to start. Big brands like Sephora, Fenty and many others have elevated the art of quiz to an entirely new level of perfection, and it seems they’re cutting quite a big profit out of it. 

Before the pandemic hit and made all in-person shopping impossible, only 10% of sales were coming from e-commerce in the beauty industry (in 2019) 46% of consumers want to see the product in person before buying, and 1 of 5 of them wants advice from an in-store expert. A quiz is a quick way to verify clients’ preferences and offer personalized products in the online shopping experience, which is why 65% of significant cosmetics retailers offer interactive quizzes. 

There are many reasons why quizzes are invaluable for the skincare industry. Just a few of them are following. 

  1. Consumers love personalized shopping experiences, and 71% of them are frustrated when an experience is not personalized.
  2. Reducing shopping overwhelm and confusion
  3. Finding the right skincare products based on skin needs and goals.
  4. Increasing customer satisfaction, creating a happy client which impressively drives repeat purchases and lifetime customers. 
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How Quizzes Solve Customers Needs

The best skincare quizzes are based on the following steps

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Gather data
  3. Capture contact info
  4. Solve customers’ problem

You can also gather general data like age, skin type, race, location, skincare routine, lifestyle activities, and many more. 

Identify product preferences creating specific questions in your quiz.

Another way of gathering specific data to fit and match personalized skincare products is product priorities.

  1. Product priorities –  What’s the most important for you? vegan, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, price
  2. Skincare routine commitment
  3. How often do you exfoliate your skin?

Product recommendation

  1. What is the product recommendation?
  2. Why are these products recommended?
  3. Benefits coming with the product 
  4. How to purchase it. 

Benefits coming from a quiz are irreplaceable, both for a merchant and customers. While clients want more personalized products that fit their specific needs without spending hours on the website, marketers wish to gather data they can use in the user segmentation process. Based on this data, merchants can increase the efficiency of their future marketing campaigns. 

Here is example template of E-commerce Beauty Quiz

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